I’m on a bit of a break. World Cup. Brazil v Mexico was a passionate game (unlike Denmark v Croatia). But Belgium v Japan was one of the greatest games I’ve ever seen. What a lead! What a comeback!

Notice at the final whistle there was little celebration? All the players had given everything in the match. They were worn out.

Just like when we are (or should be) passionate about something. Give it your all–then recuperate.

I’m pondering during times between matches:

What is Rockwell Automation really going to get for its $1B investment in PTC?

What does the ABB acquisition of GE Industrial mean for the electrical balance of power in Europe, America, the world?

Will ThingWorx be the ultimate connectivity tool? How much is that really worth financially?

Will the IT companies I’m following (Dell Technologies, Hewlett Packard Enterprise) be big players in edge and IoT?

Will there be another process automation acquisition/merger? (The tea leaves seem ripe.)

Feel free to join the conversation. For the Americans–Happy Independence Day.

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