I recently had a conversation with Peter Diffley, Sr Manager Global Partnerships and Chris Little, Media Relations, with Trihedral. I have heard of Trihedral and its product VTscada, but it has been several years. It really hasn’t popped up on any research or conversations I’ve had. 

As the product name suggests, the product is SCADA. The 35-year-old Bedford, Nova Scotia headquartered company was recently acquired by Delta Electronics Capital. Hopefully with some financial backing we’ll hear more from it.

The “VT” of VTscada stood for “visualize tags” back in the early days. It is a SCADA system built from the ground up with reactive programming with its own database (historian). This database is designed to grow with the customer. It does not require bolt-on upgrades. The company has seen dramatic growth the last two years. As an example, it recently won the City of Houston infrastructure project. A strong selling point derives from the ability of the sales rep to actively demonstrate the product to a prospective client rather than subject them to a PowerPoint presentation. Another item on the plus side of the ledger if you’re evaluating the market for a new SCADA system. ICS CERT labels VTscada as fastest to react to vulnerabilities it discovers in the market. 

One last tidbit from Diffley– AI and ML require  lots of data, and VTscada’s historian connects readily to other systems with good, up-to-date data.

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