A news release from GE Digital came my way regarding the latest update to its CIMPLICITY HMI/SCADA software product. I have not had an update on that product line for more than a year, so my friends there set up a conversation with product management director Gimmi Filice.

He told me that product development continues to build on its object oriented architecture. Developers have continued to assure that CIMPLICITY plays well with other products in the GE Digital sandbox, especially the Historian and Operations Hub. And one other key feature of the product it scalability.

This latest news contains three key points. 

The release contains the year of release—CIMPLICITY 2022. This implies the intent for regularity of update cadence.

Secondly, this release adds support for Python. This language has become de facto standard for college students. Customers are beginning to request it for a couple of reasons. New hires are proficient in it. Python is now the standard for data analytics work. It has a large development community with a large number of vetted libraries. Finally, digital twins can be constructed in Python that can be part of an object type that can be inherited.

Cloud comprises the third key update. Customers have begun asking for cloud support. This release supports Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services. Customers have migrated toward a hybrid cloud architecture with some on-prem servers and a bulk of servers on a commercial cloud.

Following are snippets from the news release.

GE Digital announced the availability of the latest version of its CIMPLICITY 2022 HMI/SCADA software. This new version also provides options to deploy on-prem, in the cloud, or in a hybrid architecture to reduce infrastructure and maintenance costs.

Other new capabilities include: the flexibility of Python scripting, improving extensibility and ease of use; analytics through SCADA data and Python libraries; support for cloud infrastructures including Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS); and improved single-server scale and alarm visualization.

Rübig GmbH, a global provider of plasma nitriding systems for steel manufacturing, says that CIMPLICITY provides greater efficiency with remote access and online diagnostics as well as easy-to-use, real-time operator displays. Mekorot, Israel’s National Water Company, achieves high availability and virtually no downtime with connected control featuring CIMPLICITY.

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