Two product trends flow into my inbox the past few months. One that I’ve recently devoted space concerns open automation. The other reveals constant activity in the general robot market.  Whether cobots or Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs), energy and innovation abound.

This news comes from Mobile Industrial Robots (MiR) who recently introduced a new software foundation that enables more robust and scalable AMRs for faster missions, tighter integration with other systems, and enhanced cybersecurity.

The first phase of the new software, available now for both individual and entire fleets, focuses on a faster, more intuitive user interface that enables customers to more quickly perform functions such as:

  • planning and re-planning navigation on the fly around obstacles with optimized reaction to anything moving nearby, such as other robots, forklifts or human workers
  • navigating in large facilities efficiently and switch smoothly between different floors or production halls

The new MiR software comes with a completely redesigned user-interface to enhance the overall ease of use.

MiR’s increased focus on cybersecurity is evident with this new software, with new security improvements according to the IEC 62443 cybersecurity standard for industrial automation systems, including:

  • software code signing
  • extended robot authentication
  • update of the robot operating system
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