Integration and collaboration are the name of the current game in the industrial technology market. If only there were more pervasive interoperability. But this one is interesting.

Realtime Robotics announced that it has teamed with Siemens to integrate its RapidPlan software with Siemens Process Simulate in the company’s Tecnomatix portfolio.

The programming, deployment and control of industrial robots is automated, autonomously generating and choreographing all robot movements. Users create a digital twin simulation of their workcell and then simply point and click on robots and target points to create and visualize collision-free task plans, saving weeks to months of programming time per project.

  • Streamline Cell Commissioning.
  • Improve Decision-Making .
  • Quickly Evaluate and Validate Options.
  • Work Directly in Siemens Process Simulate.
  • Automatic Viapoints and Interlocks.
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