This news of Telit rebranding sent my memory back many years to a spinoff company called ILS Technology whose executives would whisk me off to a hotel suite for demos of their connectivity technology. That company was acquired by what eventually became Telit. That company has continued to evolve into applications as diverse as telematics/ asset tracking, EVs, smart utilities, smart cities, security/ surveillance, healthcare and enterprise all related to IoT technology.

A side note: I’ve often pondered this “rebranding” idea. I’ve been involved with a couple of companies who “rebranded”—often accompanied with a two-page letter explaining the name, font, color, logo. Are they covering up something of the past? Or just needed a new identity? At any rate, here is the news from Mobile World Congress.

Telit Cinterion, a global enabler of the intelligent edge, February 27 announced the completion of its global rebranding effort emphasizing the company’s established and rapidly expanding position in the IoT marketplace. Following on the heels of Telit Cinterion’s debut earlier this year, the brand unveiling at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona exemplifies the company’s end-to-end IoT offering serving the world’s largest enterprises, OEMs, system integrators and service providers. 

Telit Cinterion’s new branding encapsulates the company’s vision of enabling a new era of hyper-connectivity, where everything is seamlessly and securely networked, with full orchestration of edge and cloud data. Harnessing invisible intelligence, Telit Cinterion maps data points spanning numerous industries including transportation, education, medicine, energy, and security — to solve business problems efficiently and securely.

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