John Gruber writing at Daring Fireball refers to Harry McCracken’s blog post about the end of print production of Maximum PC and MacLife. This signals the end of an era. I learned a tremendous amount of computer science and practical computing from Byte back in the day. Just as I had a notebook filled with trade press articles on project management and similar topics. In my market, I read in my latest Industry Week magazine (now quarterly) ironically the Innovation Issue that it was ending its print edition. A friend oversaw the end of print for several magazines. It’s a definite trend in technology markets.

Harry McCracken was a respected magazine editor who early on made the jump to digital only. I did that in 2013 moving from Automation World to The Manufacturing Connection. While covering IT companies, I met many IT and computer writers who also wound up as digital columnists.

I’ve been digital for a long time. But I miss the good print magazines.

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