IT-oriented companies strive to help customers manage and use data in a better way. I first heard of DataOps as part of a company’s offer was Hitachi Vantara and then a start-up HighByte. Since there have been several other companies who have hit my PR inbox announcing DataOps solutions.

Just a quick note from an experience earlier this morning. I received an invitation (nothing special about me) to attend a number of upcoming Rockwell Automation webinars primarily involving software. The one for today contained the topic of DataOps. Not realizing Rockwell had a DataOps offer, I registered and tuned in.

The presenter made a methodical and thorough introduction to data and DataOps–including the difference between IT DataOps and Industrial DataOps. (Different types of data.)

He concluded with a slide that showed Rockwell products–FactoryTalk Historian, FactoryTalk Edge Gateway, and something new–FactoryTalk Data Mosaix. This later is a DataOps platform coming later this year. Interesting. I guess we’ll hear more later–but you have been forewarned!

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