Dragos invited me to sit in a webinar on Oct. 6 focusing on manufacturing cybersecurity featuring Robert M. Lee, CEO & Co-founder of Dragos, and Blake Moret, Chairman & CEO of Rockwell Automation. This is now available on demand.

They offered executive insight—both their own and executives of client companies—into the problems involving cybersecurity and what many companies are doing in defense. They offered some practical advice. 

They have found that CEOs and Boards realize the gravity of the situation and the necessity for quick action. Surprisingly many times the problem lies in the CISO organization. They get caught up in pilot purgatory without rolling out solutions in a timely manner. 

I wonder in your organization where the bottleneck to getting necessary systems implemented resides? I hope not with you. And if identified, what all can you do to pop that clog?

Back to the webinar, the  presenters pointed to such areas for improvement as limited OT network visibility, security perimeter challenges, unmanaged external connections, and the importance of separate IT/OT cybersecurity approaches.

In response, Rockwell Automation has offered guidance to customers about the need to prioritize cybersecurity. Moret, “Cybersecurity is the first thing on the list of things to get done, and the last thing on the list.”

I recently reported on a Rockwell paper detailing recent research on cybersecurity.

Lee discussed the Five Critical Controls for OT Cybersecurity:

  • Response Plan
  • Defensible Architecture
  • Visibility
  • Secure Remote Access
  • Key Vulnerability Management

The key takeaway—make cybersecurity a priority either strengthening your existing process or get busy building a secure process.

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