I am still trying to compile notes and news from the Connected Enterprise part of Honeywell while this news comes from the process automation side. These new products bring process automation technology and application into the modern realm that MES companies have been exploring—solution suites. I’ve not been able to talk with any end users, but I have to imagine this is helpful in certain applications. It seems to be the trend for larger software applications. Or, as a P&G engineer pleaded with a room full of technology providers a couple of years ago, “Please make things less complicated.”

Honeywell introduced Experion Solution Suites (ESS) on Oct. 19, 2023, an end-to-end automation software package for licensed Honeywell UOP units. The ready-now technology offers embedded process solutions within Honeywell’s flagship ExperionPKS automation platform.

“Experion Solution Suites is a fully developed knowledge system which removes the risk of translation from process experts to control experts by embedding UOP Inside Honeywell Automation,” said Chad Briggs, vice president and general manager of Projects and Automation Solutions at Honeywell Process Solutions. “This offering de-risks investments and can increase schedule flexibility by 10 to 12 weeks allowing operators to get trained earlier and ready for any abnormal situation during start up and commissioning.”

Automating engineering labor allows Experion Solution Suites to accelerate project development during detailed design and implementation. This can also reduce the total cost of ownership over the lifecycle of the asset by decreasing hours of manual effort and human error that can lead to unplanned downtime.

Honeywell’s new technology includes pre-configured control design, graphics, alarms, startup/shutdown sequences and process digital twins within scope of UOP licenses. This design minimizes risk for owners to ensure day-one readiness and reduced time to full capacity.

ESS is currently available for Ecofining, Ethanol-to-Jet, Oleflex-C3 (PDH), Aromatic and Naphtha Complex technologies, and will soon be available for most UOP licensed units including Methanol-to-Jet, Carbon Capture and Hydrogen Purification units.

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