Rockwell Automation has announced a new HMI portfolio. Following the acquisition of Plex in order to build expertise in the cloud, this new line is cloud-enabled. They are also using a word unfamiliar within the Rockwell ecosystem—open. The new HMI can now connect to a variety of third-party controllers. Finally, the portfolio features some new pricing ideas. Perhaps Rockwell is entering a new world.

Rockwell Automation announced the launch of the FactoryTalk Optix portfolio to enable industrial organizations to build versatile human machine interface (HMI) solutions that meet diverse customer requirements and adapt to evolving needs and technologies.

The FactoryTalk Optix portfolio provides an open architecture along with options for design, deployment, connectivity and extensibility that empower users to create innovative applications.

The FactoryTalk Optix portfolio allows users to choose their own technology mix. For the first time, Rockwell Automation customers can use visualization software to design HMI applications that can natively work with both Rockwell Automation and third-party controllers and run it on their choice of hardware. Users can connect to a variety of third-party software, devices or systems using software designed for interoperability and full OPC UA support. Users also only pay for the features they need, reducing unnecessary spend on unused features.

The FactoryTalk Optix portfolio includes five core solutions:

  • FactoryTalk Optix software is an HMI visualization platform that users can access from their browser or download to their computer. This new platform includes features such as multi-user collaboration, web-based design and test and integrated version control.
  • OptixPanel graphic terminals are sealed HMI appliances that come pre-loaded with FactoryTalk Optix and FactoryTalk Remote Access software licenses. This means that the device is an all-in-one solution that’s ready to run at first power-up. 
  • FactoryTalk Remote Access provides secure remote connectivity, so users can view, assist, manage and troubleshoot from anywhere in the world.
  • ASEM 6300 Industrial PCs are available in box and panel form and allow for greater customization. 
  • The Embedded Edge Compute Module provides a packaged solution for users to process visual data locally and remotely while maintaining the capability to grow and scale your system as their needs change.
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