I found this an interesting survey from Control Engineering (CFE Media). It ran a survey of its readers about SCADA. They received 135 responses from the USA. Some of the results were surprising. It should be noted that this survey is not statistically valid. It’s the opinions of those who cared to respond. Most were from the East Coast. (Thank you graduate school course on running statistically valid surveys which are definitely not run by journalists.)

Responding to “SCADA helps you to…” most responses were operational—maintenance and uptime. Not so many responded Industry 4.0 or IIoT.

Whose SCADA software do you use?

  • Siemens
  • Emerson and GE Digital (tied)
  • Inductive Automation
  • AVEVA (Wonderware?)
  • Advantech (hardware?)
  • Mitsubishi (Iconics)
  • 45 of the 135 picked Other.

Rockwell Automation didn’t get enough responses to get its own line on the graph.

Who would you prefer?

When asked who would you like to use Inductive Automation grew to second. Everyone else slipped. GE Digital slipping the most.

  • Siemens
  • Inductive Automation
  • Emerson
  • GE Digital
  • Advantech
  • Mitsubishi (Iconics)

I am not surprised at the growing preference for Inductive Automation. They have a solid product and the pricing model is outstanding. But given that Siemens has never been able to provide much competition for Rockwell Automation in the USA for control, how is it that its SCADA product leads the pack? Interesting.

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