A couple of IT companies introduced DataOps to me about ten years ago. I thought this looked like a ripe opportunity for the industrial market. Shortly thereafter I ran into a group of former Kepware people who had formed just such a company—HighByte. I then had an opportunity to talk with the Snowflake people at the Ignition Customer Community meeting last September. This Data Cloud company has some interesting technology. This news relates to a relationship and interoperability service.

If you have not explored the utility of DataOps, check out HighByte and also Snowflake.

HighByte announced in February 2024 the release of HighByte Intelligence Hub version 3.3 that offers new and improved interoperability with industry-leading cloud services, including the Snowflake Data Cloud and AWS IoT SiteWise. The latest release introduces two new native connectors for Snowflake supporting a broad set of use cases for industrial enterprises. 

The first new connector, Snowflake Streaming, utilizes the Snowflake Snowpipe Streaming API. This interface enables direct publishing to Snowflake tables without the need for staging files or third-party applications. This significantly reduces the compute, latency, and cost of frequently moving telemetry events into Snowflake. The second new connector, Snowflake SQL, enables HighByte Intelligence Hub users to directly query Snowflake tables. Rather than merely publishing to Snowflake, the Intelligence Hub can operationalize insights and context derived through the Snowflake Manufacturing Data Cloud by making this data available for industrial devices and applications. 

HighByte Intelligence Hub is an Industrial DataOps solution that contextualizes and standardizes raw industrial data at the edge, delivering usable information to cloud service partners. Receiving consistent, usable industrial data accelerates adoption and scale of these cloud services, helping industrial companies orchestrate digital transformation projects across their enterprise. The Intelligence Hub gives operational technology (OT) domain experts a no-code application to curate and contextualize industrial data according to standard data models.

Intelligence Hub version 3.3 also introduces tighter integration with AWS IoT SiteWise. The Intelligence Hub’s modeling engine and the IoT SiteWise connector have been refined and enhanced for working with hierarchical asset structures. These improvements simplify the user experience, reduce effort, and provide a single, no-code approach for composing and delivering asset-model hierarchies to IoT SiteWise as well as hydrating them with industrial data. 

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