Tenable One has some news today about the release of Tenable One. It is a visibility product that allows managers and others to see assets across an enterprise regardless of IT, OT, or IoT. You will notice a new marketing term in the release—at least new to me. The company is now called an “Exposure Management” company. They tell me that means it enables organizations to understand cyber risk in order to make more effective business decisions.

Tenable, the Exposure Management company, announced February 29, 2024 the release of Tenable One for OT/IoT. It is the first and only exposure management platform that provides holistic visibility into assets across IT and operational technology (OT) environments.

I cannot verify the “first and only” claim, but companies are often careful to define things such that they can make the claim. In this case, exposure management most likely is the key phrase (before anyone writes to me). Also they talk management. What they do is provide information for managers to be able to take informed actions.

Tenable One for OT/IoT extends visibility beyond IT, to include OT and IoT, and helps security leaders gain a clear picture of true exposure across their entire attack surface. This first-of-its-kind approach allows organizations to prioritize security risks wherever they reside – be it in the cloud, data center, or the OT environment – and most importantly, to understand how these risks create attack paths across their infrastructure.

Users can also view their global exposure, including OT assets, to see how their security posture compares to other companies in their industry and gain additional insights from their OT assets to make better decisions, faster.

Three key points:

  • Comprehensive visibility beyond the IT environment to the modern attack surface
  • Risk intelligence to mitigate operational risks
  • Actionable planning and decision making across enterprise and critical infrastructure environments
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