Robotics news seems to present itself all the time. I’m writing this from an independent coffee house in a small town in northern Illinois. The guy at the table behind me is quoting a robotic packaging system to a client. Weird.

ABB held a big unveiling day at its Auburn Hills, MI facility that had recently been refitted and upgraded. I attended virtually—just could not work out the logistics to make it physically. Impressive event.

In short:

  • Refit will support customers and ABB’s leadership in growing US robotics segments, including Packaging & Logistics, Food & Beverage, Construction, Lifesciences & Healthcare and Automotive electric vehicle production 
  • New factory serves as US hub, developing and manufacturing AI-enabled technology to help businesses respond to labor shortages, global uncertainty and the need to operate more sustainably  
  • Expansion is latest in over $30 million Robotics investment in the US since 2019 including Packaging & Logistics headquarters in Atlanta, Lifesciences and Healthcare Research Lab in Houston and Research and Development Center in San Jose.

The expanded facility reflects ABB’s commitment to long-term growth in the US market, which is predicted to follow global growth rates for robotics of 8% CAGR, as well as the company’s global investment to build Robotics and Automation capacity and create new, highly skilled jobs. This is ABB’s third global robotics factory expansion in three years across China, Europe and the Americas and is part of its efforts to further strengthen its local-for-local footprint.

With a 30 percent increase in facility space, the new Auburn Hills facility will enhance ABB’s ability to serve as the leading strategic robotics partner for its growing customer base. Through the new Customer Experience Center, ABB will showcase its leading hardware and software solutions, pioneering the latest digital and AI-powered automation technologies with customers, and developing and manufacturing next generation robots. 

The expanded facility will support ABB Robotics’ specialist centers including its Packaging and Logistics hub in Atlanta, Georgia; its Life Sciences and Healthcare hub at the Texas Medical Center in Houston, Texas; and AI Research Lab in San Jose, California. Complete with a new training center, the facility will educate over 3,000 workers and students each year, equipping them with the skills to thrive in a new era of AI-powered automation.   

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