Kevin Rose interviews Chris Dixon recently. Dixon provides a good overview of the current status of blockchain. I really haven’t heard much about that technology for years. A speaker at a Siemens event maybe five years ago extolled the future of pharmaceutical supply chain data through blockchain. That may have been the last I heard. Check out the podcast for an update.

Meanwhile, according to research from Global Data, “The blockchain industry, although volatile and nascent, has made significant progress in a short span of time, driven by remarkable innovation. Global blockchain platform and services revenue is set to grow from $12 billion in 2023 to $291 billion in 2030.  This growth trajectory reflects a more delineated and specialized expenditure pattern, with specific areas such as asset tokenization, blockchain development, and infrastructure services serving as primary drivers of market expansion.”

GlobalData’s latest report, “Thematic Research: Blockchain,” reveals a pivotal shift from the technology’s broad, indiscriminate application to more focused, strategic uses. The industry is witnessing a quiet but steady increase in blockchain adoption, concentrating on its practical benefits. This trend is supported by a growing understanding that blockchain’s applicability is not universal and that a robust digital infrastructure is crucial for its successful deployment.

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