I sincerely hope you are not tired of reading about generative AI, because that will be the news for the rest of the year as each company introduced it as part of their software solution. This one comes from Seeq.

Seeq unveiled the Seeq AI Assistant, a generative AI (GenAI) resource embedded across its industrial analytics platform. The Seeq AI Assistant provides real-time assistance to users across the enterprise, empowering them to accelerate mastery of the Seeq platform, build advanced analytics, machine learning, and AI skills and knowledge, and accelerate insights to improve decision making in pursuit of operational excellence and sustainability.

The Seeq AI Assistant provides organizations with the opportunity to further de-bottleneck their most precious resource – the people at the frontlines of their processes and decisions.

This paragraph is a bit confusing, but I think realistic. You can try out GenerativeAI and play with it, but as far as trusting—well, you’d better double check results.

GenAI is a type of artificial intelligence capable of generating new content, such as text, images, and code in response to prompts entered by a user. GenAI models are trained with existing data to learn patterns that enable the creation of new content. While GenAI is a powerful technology, it isn’t innately capable of generating information and guidance applicable within the complexity and context of an industrial production environment.

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