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Future Workforce Education A Key Strategy

Educating today’s young people both in essential skills required by modern manufacturing as well as on the careers available to them has become a strategic theme for technology suppliers and for manufacturers alike. Phoenix Contact, a global technology supplier with US offices in Middletown, PA, has announced a partnership with a local community college to […]

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Goals are Overrated, Substitute Energy for Passion

Mention Dilbert and the picture of smart, but socially inept, engineers mocking managers and executives pops immediately into mind. Being slightly self-mocking, Scott Adams, who created and draws the cartoon, Adams described himself who: is not a very good artist not a very good businessman (has more than 36 failed businesses) is never the funnies […]

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Workforce Training Plus Pinto on Big Data

I took 10 days off to go on vacation in Europe. I tried to write ahead, but ran out of time. So last week I reposted several older items. We did the Danube cruise on Viking (you can see its ads on Masterpiece Mystery on PBS) from Nuremberg to Budapest–two of my favorite cities. Three […]

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How to keep on learning

Thanks to Seth Godin for a great thought. How do you keep on learning? He asks, “Quick, what’s XIV squared?” Did you know that there is no zero in Roman numerals? You can’t do advanced math without a zero. He links the idea that if you are missing a few important tools, even one, then […]

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New Kind of Manufacturing Conference On The Horizon

deployCamp reminds me of the exciting early days of Silicon Valley when developers would gather to exchange ideas and meet new people. Many ideas and companies sprang from that fertile soil. Company-sponsored user conferences are good–for those who use that company’s products. What we need in this industry is a venue for engineers to rekindle […]

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2015 Automation, Business, Manufacturing Prognostications

Let the debates begin! Jim Pinto has published his 2015 prognostications in the latest JimPintoBlog. Check out his entire list and enter your thoughts on his blog. I’ll highlight some of his thoughts and add some of my own.   Automation Industry Trends New inflection points will change the leadership lineup. GM—I do not expect […]

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2015 ARC Industry Forum

It is time to start thinking about the annual ARC Industry Forum. I’ve attended every one beginning in 1998. It is a major industry gathering. It is largely about ARC’s clients, but the only industry people I don’t see in Orlando are competing analysts. A good place to see and be seen as they say. […]

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