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Can HMI SCADA Be A Good Manufacturing Business?

HMI SCADA software builds the platform of the Industrial Internet of Things. Yet, many of the traditional companies apparently are not pursuing it as actively as in the past as they spend more time on somewhat “higher end” software—business intelligence and analytics. So, is there money to be made in this business? To that end, […]

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Industrial Software at Siemens Automation Summit

Software platforms that provide specific “apps” for industrial applications was the theme of the week for me. I received a better look at Siemens’ Mindsphere along with a competitor’s app that I’ll discuss in a later post. Tuesday and Wednesday this week found me in Las Vegas at the 2016 Automation Summit—Siemens US users group. […]

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HMI SCADA At the High End

I’m still pondering the whole HMI/SCADA market and technologies. I’m still getting a few updates after the Inductive Automation conference I attended in California and the Wonderware conference in Dallas that I missed. The two have traditionally been referred to in trade publications together. Today, I think three or four things are blending. Things are […]

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Present and Future of SCADA

Last month I wrote an article about whether SCADA is the future industrial technology given its enabling of the Industrial Internet of Things. Then I wrote a piece that I hoped would stir up some controversy over SCADA suppliers and business models. Didn’t get much response, though. This week I had an opportunity to discuss […]

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SCADA or Automation?

What is going on in the area of automation? When I helped start an automation magazine some 12 years ago, the talk was about moving the discussion from control to automation. Engineers were busy automating processes, machines, systems, lines. A few years ago the conversation seemed to start moving again toward information and networking. This […]

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Internet of Things Center Stage at NI Week

A large gathering, hinted at around 6,000, crowded the ballrooms to hear the first two days of keynotes. This is always an eclectic gathering of engineers and scientists and academics from a variety of industries, specialties, and interests. Contrary to the emphasis of many trade journal pieces you read about age and gender of engineers, […]

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ODVA Offers Vision of Ethernet in Process Automation

ODVA (originally the Open DeviceNet Vendors Association for historical context) has decidedly discrete manufacturing roots. As it migrated from an emphasis on DeviceNet to Ethernet (and its brand EtherNet/IP), it has also struggled mightily to develop protocols that exploit only commercial off-the-shelf Ethernet chips. It was able to conquer the challenges of Ethernet for real-time […]

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Develop HMI/SCADA Projects

Some people have been telling me that HMI/SCADA software (human-machine interface/supervisory control and data acquisition) has become a commodity item. There is still room for innovation in the category. I traveled to Atlanta last week and came away with this information about AutomationDirect’s new HMI/SCADA platform. Point of View is software for developing SCADA, HMI, […]

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PC-based Data Acquisition Technology

Promoting Your Technology User Event Using Social Technology

I just finished listening to the last of an 8-part series of NI Week Promotional Podcasts. Each of the eight featured 2-3 different technology forums or technology symposia plus descriptions of what attendees will see on the exhibit hall floor. A few of the featured speakers talked about their presentations. Lots of cool technology will […]

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