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Rockwell Automation–Connected Enterprise, Connected Team

Yesterday was “Rockwell Automation—meet the executive team” day for media at Automation Fair. I had meetings with CEO Keith Nosbusch and Senior Vice Presidents Blake Moret, Frank Kulaszewicz and Sujeet Chand (who is also CTO). In addition, I was able to chat with SVP sales and marketing John McDermott and SVP operations Marty Thomas. It […]

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Technology Direction and New Process Control Products from Emerson

Day two of Emerson Global Users Exchange for the press is usually a huge new product and technology “dump” or otherwise known as the “tornado” as editors and analysts get an overview of a variety new technology advances as seen in new products. Eve Chief Strategic Officer Peter Zornio can’t talk fast enough to get them all covered in the […]

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20 Years of Profibus Industrial Networking in North America

This week’s edition of the PI North Americs (formerly PTO) annual general meeting in Phoenix celebrates 20 years of Profibus/Profinet/Profisafe industrial networking in North America. Chairman and Executive Director Mike Bryant began the session–the largest gathering so far–recounting the people and experiences that contributed to the growth of the organization and the technology over the […]

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Mitsubishi Growing An Integrated Automation and Manufacturing Platform

Mitsubishi Electric Automation has been somewhat quietly building out a version of the connected manufacturing enterprise for several years. Known for machine control and motion control, it first made a splash by partnering with ILS Technology to develop [email protected] This is connecting technology moving data from the control system to enterprise databases. It recently announced […]

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ODVA Offers Vision of Ethernet in Process Automation

ODVA (originally the Open DeviceNet Vendors Association for historical context) has decidedly discrete manufacturing roots. As it migrated from an emphasis on DeviceNet to Ethernet (and its brand EtherNet/IP), it has also struggled mightily to develop protocols that exploit only commercial off-the-shelf Ethernet chips. It was able to conquer the challenges of Ethernet for real-time […]

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IOActive Uncovers Multiple Vulnerabilities in Switch Family

Cybersecurity experts, and especially the media that reports on cybersecurity vulnerabilities, often love to just point fingers at companies. Seldom do they acknowledge a good response. Here is an item I picked up from a security services company, IOActive. The company announced Jan. 9 that it has uncovered multiple vulnerabilities in Siemens’ SCALANCE X-200 Switch […]

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Industrial Data Center Offering Provides Cost-Effective Gateway to Virtualization

Rockwell Automation has released its Industrial Data Center offering, engineered specifically to help manufacturing and production companies take advantage of the benefits of a fully virtualized environment. The Industrial Data Center offering helps reduce costs by decreasing the server footprint, extending application longevity, and improving infrastructure reliability with management and recovery features. “Although there has […]

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Red Lion RAM product update

Industrial Routers Integrate Industrial Automation and Networking I am seeing a plethora of Ethernet and networking products. We have definitely reached a critical mass for industrial networking. Are all of you automation engineers adding network engineer to your resume? Here, Red Lion Controls announced adding the compact all-in-one RAM 6021 to its Sixnet series RAM […]

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