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ODVA Process Industry Initiative for EtherNet/IP

I have business related to an angel investment and too much other travel to attend this week’s Honeywell User Group in San Antonio and Siemens Summit in Las Vegas. Trying to get to both events was both expensive and too exhausting to attempt. I had one friend, at least, who was going to both. More […]

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Internet of Things, Fieldbus, and Politicians

There are a couple of interesting notes I’ve picked up recently. Before I get to the first one, I took a long weekend and attended a conference on developing small businesses in developing nations. I met some successful business people who have a passion for helping others survive and thrive in difficult places. We have […]

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Google Taking Deep Dive Into Internet of Things

I saw some Google Internet of Things news on a new site called The Information. As the technology media consolidates and fights for page views in a fragmented advertising market, Jessica Lessen developed a digital site that is subscription only. No fighting over getting ads and eyeballs. When I started this site two years ago, […]

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Technology Standards for Industrie 4.0 Include OPC

News about further adoption of OPC (www.opcfoundation.org) continued to flow from the recent Hannover Fair (Messe) in Germany. Things had gone dark for a period of time from the Foundation. This has changed over the past couple of weeks as the communication technology picks up momentum. The Platform Industrie 4.0 (I4.0) announced at Hannover Messe […]

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Industrial Automation Connectivity Activity Open Source or Not

I have been writing about some open source initiatives with OPC UA. I think it’s cool and long overdue that there is so much happening in the OPC world lately. See these: Open Source OPC UA Development Open Source OPC UA for Manufacturing Last week at Hannover, the OPC Foundation announced several items—including the promotion […]

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Enterprise-grade File Security for Confidential Collaboration

[ Updated] Wherever I go and with whomever I speak, file security in this age of Internet of Things, connected devices, collaboration, and open access is top priority. I just heard about this new company and technology who promises a higher level of file security. FinalCode Inc., enterprise file security for a connected world, announced […]

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Cloud Platforms for Internet of Things

This past Monday, 3/16, Microsoft held its  Microsoft Convergence 2015 in Atlanta. There, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella announced the Azure IoT Suite. I think that cloud-based platforms supporting this Internet of Things (IoT) phenomenon will proliferate for a while until we reach some sort of stability. Nadella came from this part of Microsoft, so I’m […]

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Yet Another View of Industry 4.0

A blog on the HP site by Christian Verstraete offers yet another opinion on Industry 4.0. However, he never really talks about Industry 4.0. Instead, he discusses the Internet of Things. Even though this is not “mainstream media,” it is still an example of sloppy thinking. Beware of Industry 4.0 Misinformation Verstraete first off confuses […]

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Internet of Things and Emerson Process Management

Jim Cahill recently wrote about the Emerson Process Management take on the Internet of Things discussion. His report was about a presentation by Charlie Peters at the 2015 Investor Conference. I find it interesting that there is sufficient publicity behind the IoT discussion to bring it up to investors. Many people strive to define what […]

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Manufacturer Adoption of Internet of Things

Are you sick of hearing about the Internet of Things, yet? I hope not. That’s the big topic in industrial/manufacturing circles these days, and I doubt that it fades soon. I think there is a paradox going down here, though. In many respects we already have connected plants. Automation has been so well accepted, that […]

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