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Schneider Electric Software Boosts Asset Performance, New Pricing Model, and Cloud Offering

Schneider Electric Software boosts Asset Performance, pricing model, and cloud offering. They called it a Schneider Electric Software Innovation Summit in San Antonio a couple of weeks ago. But as we know, that part of Schneider Electric is moving over to the new AVEVA which will be 60% owned by Schneider Electric. So, is this […]

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Purdue Enterprise Reference Architecture Meets IIoT

Mike Boudreaux, director of performance and reliability monitoring for Emerson Process Management, has published an important article in Plant Services magazine discussing some limitations of the Purdue Model incorporating the Industrial Internet of Things. There are many more applications (safety, environmental, energy, reliability) that can be solved outside the control system. They just are not […]

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Business Opportunities from Industrial Internet of Things

Tim Sowell, Schneider Electric (Wonderware) vp and fellow, has been writing a weekly blog that I report on for a while now. His Operations Management Systems Evolution blog is always thoughtful and informative. Recently, I have discovered another Schneider Electric blog, this one by someone whom I do not know (I think)–Gregory Conary. Each take […]

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Improve Manufacturing Operations With EMI Applications

One of my prognostications from my last post on 2015 prognostications riffing off Jim Pinto’s post, dealt with analytics. I think this will not only be big, it will be essential to making you and your manufacturing enterprise competitive. Mark Davidson of LNS Research, just wrote about the subject, Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence (EMI) software, on […]

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Charlie Gifford’s Operations Management Book Earns Award

The International Society of Automation (ISA) Publications Department has awarded Charlie Gifford the Thomas G. Fisher Award of Excellence for a Standards-Based Reference Publication. The book, which Gifford assembled and edited, is “The MOM Chronicles: ISA-95 Best Practices Book 3.0”. I have the book and highly recommend it to all who are trying to understand […]

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Siemens PLM Expands Manufacturing Software Portfolio

Furthering consolidation of the MES space, Siemens (the PLM division) announced agreement to acquire manufacturing software developer Camstar Systems. Siemens, in its press release, says “the acquisition will build on Siemens’ industrial digitalization strategy by broadening its integrated product development and production automation solutions for the electronics, semiconductor and medical device industries.” I am a little surprised by the announcement, because […]

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Schneider Electric Software Customer Excellence Awards

Several executives from Schneider Electric over the past few years and Invensys executives early this year discussed with me their approach to integrating acquired properties. In the distant past Schneider had difficulty integrating new companies leading to much politics and infighting. Many of us are quite surprised, to be honest, how the integration of Invensys […]

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Manufacturing Connection Updates for mid-August

Unsubscribe I sometimes do some consulting on digital marketing and have noticed something about the “unsubscribe” feature in distributed email news. Companies provide a number of ways to unsubscribe from newsletters. Some are easy to find. You click, it takes you to a Website, it says “unsubscribed.” Others hide the unsubscribe link through one of […]

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Manufacturing PLM Acquisitions Continue

There is definitely something interesting brewing in the PLM (product lifecycle management) space. There have been several acquisitions. Here’s another one. Dassault Systèmes, the self-proclaimed “3DEXPERIENCE” Company, developer of 3D design software, 3D Digital Mock Up and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solutions, signed a definitive share purchase agreement for Dassault Systèmes to acquire Quintiq, a […]

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