FDT FrameworkFDT Group today released a new white paper, “New FDT2 Specification Provides Enhanced Security and Improved Performance” which is now available for download. The paper examines many of the key benefits of the released FDT2 specification focusing on the enhancements in security and performance. Several DTMs and Frame Applications based on the FDT2 specification have been released with many more in development. The enhanced specification addresses the demanding needs of both the process and factory automation applications, is backward compatible to earlier releases and is forward compatible with the future FDI (Field Device Integration) specification for process automation – protecting the installed investments.

As operations management users continue to see the added value of device information integration, they better understand the benefits of using FDT Technology which is vendor, device, system and network independent. The technology, which is now supported by all major global suppliers, provides an easy to use “window” into the intelligent device and works with any combination of field device protocols or networks. This window delivers device status information which can be used as part of a predictive maintenance strategy to help lower operating cost and prevent unscheduled shutdowns.

In addition to enhanced security and improved performance, the white paper covers other features including; the use of the Microsoft.NET technology platform, a new DTM architecture, the use of Common Components, backward compatibility, factory automation network ready and an outlook on why FDT Technology is uniquely positioned for the future with OPC UA and FDI compatibility built in.

FDT2 enhancements were driven by users and suppliers alike. For the users, the new specification delivers significantly higher speeds and improved overall performance while providing support for real time monitoring with background and batch tasks. In addition, it provides enhanced security, rich PLC integration and support of all major factory and process automation networks.
For suppliers, FDT2 provides device development in .NET and integration with Microsoft Visual Studio.

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