The Manufacturing ConnectionHere is an interesting acquisition. It shows Rockwell’s continuing commitment to developing solutions in the process / production industry. It also partially answers a question that came to mind when I saw a press release that CEO Keith Nosbusch was speaking at a world Internet of Things conference. This fits.

Rockwell Automation Inc. announced that it has agreed to purchase vMonitor, a global technology provider of wireless solutions in the oil and gas industry.

(from the press release—superlatives theirs, I don’t know the company but I presume I’ll learn more in Houston week after next) VMonitor is a pioneer in digital oilfield implementation and remote operations worldwide. It delivers innovative monitoring and control solutions for wellhead and upstream applications that combine cutting-edge wireless instrumentation and communication with visualization software to help customers make more informed decisions and improve production.

VMonitor has the world’s largest installed base of wireless wellhead monitoring systems for natural and artificially lifted wells with more than 6,000 well sites for major oil and gas companies around the world.

“Strategically, vMonitor’s world-class digital oilfield technology and services, combined with our comprehensive portfolio of solutions, strengthen our ability to deliver end-to-end projects for the oil and gas sector,” said Terry Gebert, vice president and general manager, Rockwell Automation Global Solutions.

“Equally important, vMonitor’s capabilities will accelerate our development of similar process solutions and remote-monitoring services for water/wastewater, mining and other industries globally,” said Gebert.

“Our customers will benefit from the Rockwell Automation global solutions capabilities and complementary product lines to ensure we can collectively provide a seamless integrated solution,” said Rashed Saif Al Suwaidi, chairman of vMonitor. “Our employees will also join an innovative, fast-growing technology leader serving the worldwide oil and gas industry.” VMonitor has about 120 employees at offices located in Houston, Mumbai, India, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates and other Middle East locations.

The company’s technologies include an all-wireless portfolio of wellhead sensors and transmitters, remote terminal units, gateways and modems, as well as turnkey monitoring, and control systems and services. These offerings cover a broad range of applications from oil and gas wells, pipelines, pumping and lift stations, to refineries and tank farms.

The acquisition is expected to close within two months. VMonitor will then become part of the Rockwell Automation Control Products and Solutions operating segment.

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