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My long-time readers (both of them) know that I sometimes do podcasts. I have not recorded an audio essay for a while, but interviews are always fun and they are popular on my site. If you have not visited the site for a while or downloaded from iTunes, there are several interviews lately that are extra informative.

Knowing I like and promote podcasts, I heard from a marketing contact with IFS who sent me links to some podcasts that company has done. Now, IFS doesn’t spend money with me, so I don’t have a dog in the hunt. I’m just passing these along as informative listening about asset management for your education diet.

RCM II expert Mike Schultz of The Asset Performance Group offers a definition of RCM II (RCM2) and discusses the differences between RCM and RCM II. He also offers insights on the role of enterprise asset management (EAM) software.

ERP selection and implementation can be risky endeavors. So how can you avoid the unpleasant surprises that could potentially come with your ERP projects? In this episode, ERP consultant Mike Roman of Manufacturing Practices shares insights that will help you engineer the risk out of your selection and implementation project.

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