Cloudflare protects my website from nefarious activity. It also provides interesting data—such as reporting this site gets from 150K to 175K visits in total per month. Also interesting was the week after the Russian invasion of the Ukraine. My traffic from Russia ran along at a relatively smooth line on the chart. The chart the first week of the invasion showed a huge spike in traffic for a couple of days. It returned to normal. They (someone?) figured out that a manufacturing site has nothing to do with the war effort?

I don’t follow cybersecurity in depth, but I cannot avoid covering it. A significant portion of the marketing communications traffic to my inbox originates with cybersecurity companies. Much activity comes from there. Here is news from an Israeli company called FirstPoint with cellular security solutions.

FirstPoint Mobile Guard launched its new Protected Cellular Connectivity Suite, built for IoT enterprises. The comprehensive, ultra-secure multi-functional system enables enterprises to securely manage thousands of IoT cellular-connected devices without depending on an operator.

FirstPoint’s cellular cybersecurity technology, which is already implemented at several large IoT organizations, MNOs, MVNOs and governmental agencies, gives enterprises robust control and protection with private, isolated services, quick-start connectivity, and complete roaming control. The network-based integrated platform detects, alerts, and blocks different network vulnerabilities and threats such as denial of service, SMS attacks, malware, mobile IP-data attacks, network fraud, and more.

“Enterprises now have complete control of their IoT cellular connected devices,” said Dror Fixler, Ph.D., CEO of FirstPoint Mobile Guard. “At a time of hyperconnectivity and record levels of cellular hacking, our platform allows enterprises to focus on their business with peace of mind using our ultra-secure protection.”

FirstPoint Mobile Guard delivers holistic cellular operations and security solutions, providing comprehensive oversight, control, and protection for any mobile, IoT, or IIoT device. The technologies enable service providers, MVNOs, and large cellular-IoT organizations to fully manage, control, and secure the connectivity of their cellular connected devices for any operational use case. The solutions are fine-tuned for security-sensitive organizations, including enterprises, critical infrastructure, fleets, smart cities, industrial, financial services, governments, military and more.

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