I’ve written recently about what process automation suppliers have released in the area of carbon capture, methane leak detection, and other sustainability efforts.

Today, I address a project that a few hundred people have worked on for a year. It’s called The Carbon Almanac.

The book launches today. I’ve purchased a few. Do yourself a favor and get one. This post is from the launch letter.

The official launch of the Carbon Almanac is here, and we are thrilled to share the news with you. And we’d like you to share the news with people you care about.

A book that brings you just the accurate facts–without the rhetoric, slant, or agendas–to help you be well-informed and make better decisions about climate change. Because nobody needs more guilt, anxiety, or labeling.

Are you tired of hearing media pundits debate climate change’s dire consequences without providing facts to help you make your own decisions?

Are you having a hard time finding credible and authoritative info that is easy to access and share, and that regular people (non-climate-change-experts and non-scientists) can understand?

Do you want to talk about climate change with confidence?

Do you want to take action to help climate change but don’t know where to start?

Do you want to join a worldwide community of people who care?

If so, your search is over: The Carbon Almanac is the only book built to share with information you’re looking for – all footnoted.

It’s been designed to be a clear, approachable, and non-partisan collection of facts that can lead you to understand climate change and make a positive and meaningful impact.

Organized by Seth Godin, entrepreneur and author of over 20 best-selling books, and created by a team of more than 300 volunteers–people like you in more than forty countries, The Carbon Almanac is:

  • An organized collection of facts, tables, history, quotes, explanations, illustrations, and cartoons with the concise data you need to form a knowledgeable opinion
  • A non-controversial, reliable, quick reference source that you can share with others without the noise, overwhelm, and hidden agendas (not to mention the confusion and boredom!) that most materials bring
  • A shared, fixed document that permits our communities to connect and to discuss

The Almanac sparked a storm of creativity which had as a result a series of podcasts, a kids book, an educators guide, the Daily Difference Action e-mail series, a LinkedIn course, a board game and many more. Find everything at thecarbonalmanac.org.

Buy the book, share the book and let’s start the conversation. It’s not too late.

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