A few years ago I thought Time Sensitive Networking (TSN) had potential benefits for industrial networking. This IEEE standard would do the synchronizing that only custom chips do now. As a standard, commercially available chips should be plentiful and inexpensive. Technical snafus ensued. We are still waiting. There are advances.

  • Avnu Alliance, the industry forum driving deterministic capabilities into open, standards-based networking, announced expansion of its time sensitive networking (TSN) Test Tool program by opening the test tool ecosystem to new vendors. 
  • 3rd party vendor test tools can be verified and validated through Avnu’s rigorous process, which is designed and maintained by experienced certification management professionals and TSN subject matter experts to ensure that it meets the interoperability standards of Avnu’s Global Certification Program.
  • The Avnu Express Test Tool is a low-cost, entry-level evaluation test tool that allows members to internally verify if a device will pass certification tests before submitting to testing. The Avnu Express Test Tool provides valuable insights into the product that can be used to optimize and debug product development, increasing the probability of certification success.
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