I’ve recently written about digital threads in the context of moving digital data from one app to another. Last week a new social media application appeared to fill the space Twitter is abandoning called Threads. In the midst of this, here comes a press release about the release of a new app for engineering workflows—Authentise Threadsd. Same name. Common idea (linking data/people). Three different uses.

In a sentence, Unique work thread collaboration empowers R&D and industrial engineering teams to flexibly speed up, track and integrate product development. 

Authentise Threads delivers powerful digital thread capabilities, combining communication and project management tools into a radically new work thread collaboration suite. Authentise Threads helps transform R&D and industrial engineering teams into innovation engines with more fluid operations demanded by today’s increasingly distributed environments.

Key features:

  • Cross Functional Work Thread Collaboration. Create, search, follow & link shared work threads across engineering teams and partners with real time structured communication, chat & notifications.
  • Shared information, knowledge, experience, resources and context. A shared repository of all the key data, resources, goals, metrics needed for work thread execution
  • Collaborative Digital Decision Making. Formally track and manage workthread efforts, insights, actions, decisions, resolutions, and more.
  • Continuous learning & improvement. Share full history & traceability of work, discussions, issues, decisions, actions, metrics, all with full context. 
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