My second news item on Generative AI involves Microsoft dancing with Rockwell Automation.  Once again an industrial automation company hopes its software will become more responsive and easier to use with AI. I’d love to know what you all think after trying it.

Rockwell Automation and Microsoft Corp. Announced October 26, 2023 an extension of their longstanding relationship to accelerate industrial automation design and development through generative artificial intelligence (AI). The first outcome of this collaboration will add Microsoft’s Azure OpenAI Service into FactoryTalk Design Studio to deliver industry-first capabilities accelerating time-to-market for their customers building industrial automation systems.

Adding Azure OpenAI Service into FactoryTalk Design Studio helps engineers generate code using natural language prompts, automating routine tasks and improving design efficiency. It will also empower seasoned engineers to accelerate development and mentor newcomers on a learning path more efficiently and effectively. Additionally, it will assist in finding relevant help from vast collections of information to further educate developers. Rockwell and Microsoft see a bright future in extending this integrated technology to solve other challenges, including Quality Management and Improvement, Failure Mode Analysis, and training frontline workers to execute manufacturing processes through chat-based collaboration with experienced human workers as well as Azure OpenAI Service-based chatbots.

Additionally, Rockwell and Microsoft are continuing to explore ways to advance innovation in the industrial metaverse. Both companies are using their respective IoT capabilities, cloud datasets, simulations and AI to design and build products more effectively, more efficiently and more sustainably.

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