Software engineers have been telling me lately about how to write code that better utilizes compute power in order to reduce software’s energy bill. I find it interesting the ways that seemingly unrelated parts of a system can coordinate for a better whole. This news release showcases Siemens’ commitment to advancing sustainability through Green Software.

  • Siemens recognizes importance of software in order to advance sustainability and aims to invest in sustainability networks like Green Software Foundation
  • Green Software Foundation focuses on developing energy-efficient systems and infrastructure and aims for green software to become new standard for the future 

Siemens is proud to join the Green Software Foundation (GSF) as a new member of its steering committee to help guide the Foundation’s strategic direction. Siemens’ steadfast commitment to resource efficiency and sustainability aligns with the GSF’s mission to build the tools, knowledge and best practices necessary for reducing software’s environmental footprint.

Siemens technology is enabling enterprises and organizations around the world to increase decarbonization, resource efficiency and contribute to the circular economy. The development of this technology and other software is increasingly contributing to the world’s carbon footprint, which underscores the need for global industrial companies like Siemens to invest in sustainability networks such as the GSF. 

The Foundation focuses on evolving software to be energy-efficient and compatible with complex software systems and infrastructure for information and communication technology. Industrial solutions must meet unique requirements beyond those of traditional enterprise IT systems. These solutions must also take into account cloud-to-edge scenarios, installed base and regulatory compliance – all while maintaining the high standards expected for industrial solutions.

“In the pursuit of sustainability, isolation is costly. We share a common belief that collaboration and collective intelligence will drive systemic shifts toward sustainability in tech. Our Siemens Xcelerator vision fully supports this journey towards sustainable, flexible and open SaaS solutions. In addition, as new technologies emerge, we firmly believe that green software will play a key role in the future,” said Peter Körte, Chief Technology Officer and Chief Strategy Officer of Siemens AG.

Siemens joins Accenture, Avanade, BCG X, GitHub, Globant, Intel, Microsoft, NTT Data, Thoughtworks and UBS to demonstrate leadership in building a culture of green software and to chart the Foundation’s course going forward.

“We’re thrilled to expand GSF’s steering committee with Siemens and we’re hopeful that the contributions its engineers and researchers will make will advance green software patterns and tools compatible with intricate, multi-tiered computing systems for broader industry adoption of green software,” shared Asim Hussain, Chairperson and Executive Director of the GSF.

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