You may look at the headline and wonder “Industry 4.0 Club?” I received an email from that organization with an invitation to talk with CEO Mike Ungar. Of course I had to satisfy my curiosity.  Ungar was an engineer at Michelin who joined as Chairman and just swapped roles with Mike Yost. 

The Industry 4.0 Club is building a community to give encouragement and ideas to small-to-medium sized manufacturers who need/want to adopt modern Industry 4.0 practices. There are many companies out there who desperately need to update in order to remain competitive. This group hopes to spur their change.

I worked with Mike Yost for years at MESA. He then spent time with CESMII before moving to this organization. I first talked with him about software when he was at GE.

This is an organization worth checking out. They have a basic newsletter and a paid subscription newsletter with deeper information. The only part I was disappointed in was that they built their site on Substack. But that is just an open Web guy speaking there.

Check them out.

From their press release:

The Industry 4.0 Club, a leading community in the manufacturing sector, announced key changes to its leadership team, positioning the club for a transformative year in 2024. These changes include: Mike Yost as Chair of the Board of Directors with extensive experience in bringing together solution providers and manufacturers to help solve their most challenging issues. Carol Mitchell-Lin as Vice-chair, known for her Industry 4.0 thought leadership, co-host role in our Women In Manufacturing LinkedIn Live broadcasts, and commitment to manufacturers’ success everywhere. Jan Pingel as Secretary, whose background as a results-driven Industrial & IT Product Development & Marketing Executive will enhance our strategic initiatives. Grace Donovan as Treasurer, leveraging her business development experience to fortify our financial planning. Mike Ungar as the visionary CEO, leveraging his 35 years of manufacturing experience to lead the club into new frontiers.

The Industry 4.0 Club has achieved a following of over 5,000 individuals and hosted over 100 virtual and in-person conversations and speakers, significantly expanding its influence and reach. Our regular broadcasts on LinkedIn Live, YouTube, and X have connected thousands of manufacturing professionals, discussing cutting-edge topics like the Future of Manufacturing and Women in Manufacturing.

Mike Yost, the newly appointed Chair, emphasizes, “Our commitment goes beyond conversations; it’s about actionable insights and tangible progress in the world of manufacturing. We are gearing up for groundbreaking initiatives in 2024 that will empower our community and redefine industry standards for openness and collaboration.”

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