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A New Take On ICS Cybersecurity

Industrial Control Systems (ICS) Cybersecurity risks have become so public that CEOs and Board members are sponsoring projects within their companies and raising visibility of the issue. PAS Inc. CEO Eddie Habibi and General Manager of Cybersecurity and CMO David Zahn shared that news with me during a conversation this week regarding the release of […]

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Enterprise-Class Tablets for Enterprise Asset Intelligence

I have written before about how Zebra Technologies Corporation has grown into an IoT supplier through some strategic acquisitions. An integral part of the overall IoT ecosystem is asset intelligence application. The company has introduced its next-generation ET50 and ET55 tablet computers, which combine the consumer styling with the enterprise-class features necessary to increase workforce […]

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Connected World Powered by the Cloud

The famous Internet of Things would be just so many useless streams of bits without a place to store them before analysis can be done. Therefore, the importance of the Cloud. Microsoft has jumped in big time with its Azure Cloud. Early last month, Microsoft held AzureCon and announced new solutions spanning containers, security, infrastructure […]

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Microsoft and Dell Join In Cloud Application

The Internet of Things does not exist in a vacuum. Just putting devices on the Internet with Internet Protocol will achieve nothing. That only generates data. The data must reside somewhere that is organized and easily accessible. We have come to identify that place as the “cloud”. The cloud is a server bank that may […]

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Wireless, Enhanced Sensing Lead Emerson Product Announcements

This is another long post—and it is a summary—running through many of the new products introduced to the press and analysts durning Emerson Exchange 2015. If any of these whet your appetite, visit the Emerson Process Website for more information. Another place to catch up on happenings at the conference is Jim Cahill’s Emerson Process […]

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Cisco’s Digital Solutions and IoT-specific Security Portfolio

Cisco held a Global Editors’ Conference during which I was traveling and could not attend. However, here is news gleaned from the press releases and other sources. Cisco has been building partnerships in the industrial and manufacturing space for quite some time. Emerson partnered as part of its wireless solutions. Rockwell Automation has become a […]

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GE, The Digital Thread, The Digital Twin, The Digital Company

UPDATED: Carpenter’s title changed after I wrote this. Also GE Intelligent Platforms is now called GE Digital. GE now bills itself as the “digital industrial” company. It has realized the benefits of technologies such as the Watchdog Agent developed by the Center for Intelligent Maintenance Systems for monitoring and prognostics and the Industrial Internet of […]

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Cisco Survey-Manufacturing Largest Cloud Service Adopter

Cisco just released the findings of a global study that indicates cloud is moving into a second wave of adoption, with companies no longer focusing just on efficiency and reduced costs, but rather looking to cloud as a platform to fuel innovation, growth and disruption. The study finds that 53 percent of companies expect cloud […]

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Study Finds Manufacturing Industry Ready for Internet of Things

97 percent of survey respondents in the manufacturing industry believe IoT is the most significant technology initiative of the decade. OK, that is the kind of statistic that grabs the attention of someone who writes extensively about the Industrial Internet of Things. But the statistic also seems counter to other surveys I have seen where […]

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