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No more rants, here’s good news about educating engineers

Here is a report of some good work done through the Education Foundation of the Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME).(You can also check out Manufacturing Is Cool.) This is not your father’s “shop class” but rather learning a series of interrelated activities and operations that involve product design, planning, producing, materials control, quality assurance, management, […]

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Gary’s Reading List

GigaOm reports that the average social gamer is a 43-year-old woman. Doesn’t surprise me, what with all my cousins farming and fishing and stuff. Carl Henning at the Profiblog discusses a recent Automation World article on industrial networks and then expands on it (from the Profinet point of view, of course). Interesting. Seth Godin says […]

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Career Development

Chris Brogan: I’m also interested in educational models for business workers. We’re in a society where HR is less and less about career development and more and more about benefits management. Companies are no longer the stewards of your development and career. How can I help those of us who lived in the cubicle farms, […]

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Engineering is cool

I received this note indirectly from Dave Emerson of Yokogawa. He attended a “show” involving high school engineering students. Sounds like a very cool program. You can take whatever attitude you wish from reading popular media. But kids getting enthused about science and engineering do exist–and mentors helping them also exist. Here are some of […]

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Take responsibility

 I saw this article in The New York Times about colleges supposedly failing. I guess I’ve grown tired (actually probably 20 years ago) with that set of journalists who don’t do anything or put their necks on the line, but love to sit back and criticize–especially institutions. I think the question is, who is failing. […]

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WBF Offers Education Opportunities

WBF, The Organization for Production Technology, recognizing the financial realities of this year, postponed its 2009 Annual Conference. In its place, the organization is sponsoring two educational opportunities during ISA Expo 2009 in Houston on Monday October 5 and Tuesday October 6. As the leading authority in implementing ISA88,ISA95 and B2MML, WBF has put together […]

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More rules for life

In the two weeks I was essentially off the grid, I was saving some good Zen Habits posts. Always good thoughts on how to live. How Giving Changes Everything Two Questions to Help You Gain Perspective And a bonus guest post:7 Essential Rules to Optimum Health and Weight Loss

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Educating the next generation

While I was at NI Week discussing the importance of educating our young people in science, math and engineering, my local school district was voting down a property tax levy. We have not passed any new tax for 14 years. But in Ohio’s arcane school funding legislation, the state gives a minimal amount and then […]

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Educating Yourself

My wife has decided to become “educated” on a number of issues and topics since her retirement as an elementary school teacher. Not having a background in science, she reads and hears about numerous reports and promptly gets confused. This just happened when a cousin of hers recommended a Website regarding the effectiveness of a […]

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