HPE Expands GreenLake Edge-to-Cloud Platform Adding Services

Hewlett Packard Enterprise executives discussed the company’s latest product and business advances this morning, March 22, 2022. Antonio Neri, President and CEO, added that the “as-a-Service” business continues to be accepted by customers with revenue growth above 130% last quarter.

Technology continues to blend for manufacturing and production enterprises as Edge-to-Cloud architectures mature.  HPE moved aggressively to an as-a-Service business model. This announcement concerns adding Aruba networking customers to the GreenLake platform—120,000 in total—adding a new extension of Networking-as-a-Service. GreenLake also added 12 new cloud services and HPE expanded its online marketplace by adding ALSO Group, Arrow Electronics, Ingram Micro Inc., and TD Synnex.

HPE appears to be outpacing rivals with networking, compute, and data services available with the as-a-service flexibility.

From the news release:

Hewlett Packard Enterprise announced significant advancements to HPE GreenLake, the company’s flagship offering that enables organizations to modernize all their applications and data, from edge to cloud. Now, HPE’s market-leading hybrid cloud platform just got stronger, with a unified operating experience, new cloud services, and availability of HPE GreenLake in the online marketplaces of several leading distributors.

“HPE was among the first to deliver a cloud platform that enables customers to manage and extract insights from their data from edge to cloud, and our continued innovation is driving growth and furthering our market leadership,” said Antonio Neri, president and CEO, HPE. “In the hybrid cloud market, HPE GreenLake is unique in its simplicity, unification, depth of cloud services, and partner network. Today, we are furthering our differentiation, boldly setting HPE GreenLake even further apart as the ideal platform for customers to drive data-first modernization.”

HPE GreenLake supports multi-cloud experiences everywhere – including clouds that live on-premises, at the edge, in a colocation facility, and in a public cloud – and continues to drive strong demand worldwide. In Q1 2022, HPE reported Annual Recurring Revenue of $798 million, and increased as-a-service orders 136 percent year-over-year.

Platform updates include converging Aruba Central, a cloud-native, AI-powered network management solution with the GreenLake platform. Further, a new, unified operational experience that provides a simplified view and access to all cloud services, spanning the entire HPE portfolio, with single sign-on access, security, compliance, elasticity, and data protection.

The HPE GreenLake platform provides the foundation for more than 50 cloud services, including electronic health records, ML Ops, payments, unified analytics, and SAP HANA, as well as a wide- array of cloud services from partners.

HPE also unveiled 12 new cloud services in networking, data services, high performance computing and compute operations management.

HPE GreenLake for Aruba networking. The eight new services simplify the process of procuring and deploying NaaS and allow customers to align network spend to usage needs, while ensuring that the network is always ready to support business objectives. The new services are also optimized for channel partners looking to satisfy growing customer demand for NaaS, to operate in a resale or managed service provider model.

New and enhanced services for block storage and data protection join the current HPE GreenLake data services.

HPE GreenLake for Block Storage is the industry’s first block storage as-a-Service to deliver 100% data availability guarantee built-in on a cloud operational model.

Enhanced HPE Backup and Recovery Service is backup as a service built for hybrid cloud. Customers can effortlessly protect their data for Virtual Machines, gain rapid recovery on-premises, and deliver a cost-effective approach to store long-term backups in the public cloud. HPE Backup and Recovery Service is now available for Virtual Machines deployed on heterogeneous infrastructure.

HPE is further enhancing its HPE GreenLake for High Performance Computing offerings, making it more accessible for any enterprise to adopt the technology, by adding new, purpose-built HPC capabilities. These also include lower entry points to HPC, with a smaller configuration of 10 nodes, to test workloads and scale as needed.

First introduced at HPE Discover 2021, the HPE GreenLake Compute Ops Management is a cloud-native management console to access, monitor, and manage servers. Compute Ops Management easily automates the compute lifecycle management and securely across a customer’s compute environment.

HPE continues to invest in co-development with key distribution partners. First announced in March 2021, HPE GreenLake is now directly available in the cloud marketplaces and ecommerce platforms of ALSO Group, Arrow Electronics, Ingram Micro and TD Synnex.

Finally, HPE announced today a new global agreement with Digital Realty, the largest global provider of cloud-and carrier-neutral data center, colocation and interconnection solutions. Digital Realty allows customers to run any HPE GreenLake service with colocation across Digital Realty’s more than 285 data centers on six continents, which includes sites in 50 major cities, to deliver a rich ecosystem of offerings and world-class business and cloud adjacency.

Cellular Cybersecurity Solution

Cloudflare protects my website from nefarious activity. It also provides interesting data—such as reporting this site gets from 150K to 175K visits in total per month. Also interesting was the week after the Russian invasion of the Ukraine. My traffic from Russia ran along at a relatively smooth line on the chart. The chart the first week of the invasion showed a huge spike in traffic for a couple of days. It returned to normal. They (someone?) figured out that a manufacturing site has nothing to do with the war effort?

I don’t follow cybersecurity in depth, but I cannot avoid covering it. A significant portion of the marketing communications traffic to my inbox originates with cybersecurity companies. Much activity comes from there. Here is news from an Israeli company called FirstPoint with cellular security solutions.

FirstPoint Mobile Guard launched its new Protected Cellular Connectivity Suite, built for IoT enterprises. The comprehensive, ultra-secure multi-functional system enables enterprises to securely manage thousands of IoT cellular-connected devices without depending on an operator.

FirstPoint’s cellular cybersecurity technology, which is already implemented at several large IoT organizations, MNOs, MVNOs and governmental agencies, gives enterprises robust control and protection with private, isolated services, quick-start connectivity, and complete roaming control. The network-based integrated platform detects, alerts, and blocks different network vulnerabilities and threats such as denial of service, SMS attacks, malware, mobile IP-data attacks, network fraud, and more.

“Enterprises now have complete control of their IoT cellular connected devices,” said Dror Fixler, Ph.D., CEO of FirstPoint Mobile Guard. “At a time of hyperconnectivity and record levels of cellular hacking, our platform allows enterprises to focus on their business with peace of mind using our ultra-secure protection.”

FirstPoint Mobile Guard delivers holistic cellular operations and security solutions, providing comprehensive oversight, control, and protection for any mobile, IoT, or IIoT device. The technologies enable service providers, MVNOs, and large cellular-IoT organizations to fully manage, control, and secure the connectivity of their cellular connected devices for any operational use case. The solutions are fine-tuned for security-sensitive organizations, including enterprises, critical infrastructure, fleets, smart cities, industrial, financial services, governments, military and more.

Industrial Software Enables Collaboration and Continuous Improvement

GE Digital has been one busy organization lately. This is the third release along with one interview in the past month or so. The company continues to build on its platform not looking (so far) to bring it all together. I’ve only seen a couple of companies so far who have built from the ground up. This new piece of application software is a step toward letting its customers bring its data together in order to enable improved decision making.

Here is the short take:

• Updated software delivers actionable information with a cross-business digital operations hub 

• New portfolio-wide data flow editor saves time and increases visibility by automatically integrating and transforming data for IoT-fueled analysis and optimization 

• Code-free development environment accelerates configuration of rich web-enabled dashboards and applications through a library of widgets

GE Digital announced updates to Proficy Operations Hub, the company’s centralized environment for building industrial applications for web-based intelligence.

Proficy Operations Hub allows both developers and non-developers to quickly assemble displays through a comprehensive library of widgets and arrange them to provide responsive operator and supervisor visualization. Companies can define data sources for connected devices and create queries to access and transform data into actionable information for operations. Drag-and-drop design allows for simple placement and configuration of visualization components on the display, then dragging the query or data source onto the component quickly enables the data connections.

Designed as an OT business intelligence (BI) tool for any industrial environment, Proficy Operations Hub is used in diverse industries including water/wastewater treatment, automotive manufacturing, food and beverage processing, power and energy, and consumer goods.

As an example, ENGIE, a global company in low-carbon energy and services, worked with Control & Protection Automation NV (CPA) to leverage Proficy Operations Hub to accelerate time to value. The team developed and delivered an expanded remote and local monitoring and control solution. CPA maximized Proficy Operation Hub’s Rapid Application Development (RAD) capabilities in conjunction with the Proficy software portfolio to create reusable objects and High Performance HMI operator screens, GIS functionality, dashboards, and more.

New features in this latest update include increasing Rapid Application Development using cloud infrastructure with Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS), an expanded widget library for data display and analysis, and third-party systems integration enabled by OPC UA. The software also enhances OT BI with new visualization widgets for supervisory dashboards and a pivot grid for ad hoc multi-dimensional data analysis.

“Access to data across the organization provides faster response and better decision-making with centralized visualization, digitized processes, and data analysis in context. Ultimately that leads to decreased costs and time to market as well as lower maintenance costs,” said Richard Kenedi, General Manager for GE Digital’s Manufacturing and Digital Plant business. “These outcomes are the result of improved collaboration and continuous improvement programs that are key performance indicators in the industrial environment today.”

Manufacturing Materials Software Moves to Azure

The movement toward making manufacturing SaaS applications available on Microsoft Azure continues. News from ThinkIQ tells us three of its platforms are now available on that platform—VisualizeInsight and Transform.

The purpose of these platforms is collecting manufacturing and supply chain data, monitoring real-time material traceability, and delivering actionable insights to improve the overall manufacturing processes for greater efficiency and flexibility.

The unique proposition of ThinkIQ is to look at materials, not just equipment. The company points out the old, but still prevalent problem, that data collection within manufacturing processes are often fragmented rendering it unable to extract insights or identify inefficiencies.

With ThinkIQ Visualize, all manufacturing data can be seen from a single contextualized cloud-based system.

ThinkIQ Insight delivers a material ledger for traceability and improved operations across the entire manufacturing supply chain on Azure.

ThinkIQ Transform provides material traceability from supplier to factory to consumers.

ThinkIQ integrates a wide range of Microsoft Azure solutions including Azure Communications Services, Azure IoT, Azure Networking and Azure Storage.

Cellular 5G Plus WiFi For Comprehensive Private Networking

Still talking networking with the latest capabilities. Here is news from HPE combining 5G cellular plus WiFi for a more comprehensive private networking experience for industrial and other applications. I’m sure there will be many more announcements coming from most wireless suppliers.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise announced that it is extending its capabilities for private networking across both 5G and Wi-Fi enabling new enterprise and industrial applications from edge to cloud. Pre-integrated with radio access capabilities from leading vendors, the private 5G solution can be deployed quickly, flexibly and as a service with HPE GreenLake.

Although 5G far surpasses Wi-Fi in terms of wide area coverage, Wi-Fi has the edge when it comes to cost-effective, indoor connectivity. With private 5G technology from HPE, customers can uniquely enjoy the best of both worlds with seamless interworking across both private 5G and Wi-Fi.

“Data growth is creating countless new opportunities across many industries, but superfast, stable and secure connectivity is essential to enable these digital experiences,” said Tom Craig, VP and General Manager, HPE Communications Technology Group.

The private 5G solution from HPE is based on HPE 5G Core Stack, an open, cloud-native, container-based 5G core network solution. It has been enriched with new capabilities for private networking including modular operation and automation, an enterprise self-service portal, agile configuration and change management.

The private 5G market is developing quickly including new market entrants, such as hyperscale cloud providers. Telecoms operators are looking for simple ways to deploy private 5G networks in order to meet growing customer expectations for the connected edge. HPE recently announced that OPTAGE, a Japanese service provider, is leveraging HPE’s private 5G solution for its Local 5G testbed implementations.

HMI SCADA Adds Python and Cloud Support

A news release from GE Digital came my way regarding the latest update to its CIMPLICITY HMI/SCADA software product. I have not had an update on that product line for more than a year, so my friends there set up a conversation with product management director Gimmi Filice.

He told me that product development continues to build on its object oriented architecture. Developers have continued to assure that CIMPLICITY plays well with other products in the GE Digital sandbox, especially the Historian and Operations Hub. And one other key feature of the product it scalability.

This latest news contains three key points. 

The release contains the year of release—CIMPLICITY 2022. This implies the intent for regularity of update cadence.

Secondly, this release adds support for Python. This language has become de facto standard for college students. Customers are beginning to request it for a couple of reasons. New hires are proficient in it. Python is now the standard for data analytics work. It has a large development community with a large number of vetted libraries. Finally, digital twins can be constructed in Python that can be part of an object type that can be inherited.

Cloud comprises the third key update. Customers have begun asking for cloud support. This release supports Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services. Customers have migrated toward a hybrid cloud architecture with some on-prem servers and a bulk of servers on a commercial cloud.

Following are snippets from the news release.

GE Digital announced the availability of the latest version of its CIMPLICITY 2022 HMI/SCADA software. This new version also provides options to deploy on-prem, in the cloud, or in a hybrid architecture to reduce infrastructure and maintenance costs.

Other new capabilities include: the flexibility of Python scripting, improving extensibility and ease of use; analytics through SCADA data and Python libraries; support for cloud infrastructures including Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS); and improved single-server scale and alarm visualization.

Rübig GmbH, a global provider of plasma nitriding systems for steel manufacturing, says that CIMPLICITY provides greater efficiency with remote access and online diagnostics as well as easy-to-use, real-time operator displays. Mekorot, Israel’s National Water Company, achieves high availability and virtually no downtime with connected control featuring CIMPLICITY.