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Interesting Consolidation in Industrial Cyber Security Market

With last week’s announcement that GE is acquiring Wurldtech, a march of consolidation in the industrial Cyber Security market continues. First Byres (Tofino) Security found itself at Belden. Then last month Industrial Defender announced acquisition by Lockheed Martin. That is the way of the world for small companies. Sometimes you hit a market that can […]

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New Platform For Linking Manufacturing and Internet of Things

I talked yesterday with Guido Jouret, general manager of Internet of Things Business Group, at Cisco about a new product/platform that combines networking and computation bringing new capabilities to the support of the Internet of Things. “Cisco is very excited to accelerate innovation in the Internet of Things by delivering IOx, which provides the ability […]

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TED Talk on Industrial Internet

The TED Talks began as exclusive talks about “Ideas Worth Spreading” that attendees paid 5-figure fees to attend. Talks must be less than 20 minutes, and in many cases around 10 minutes. Growing from one location that met annually, the franchise has spread across the globe and now there are thousands. Industry, or manufacturing, seldom […]

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