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Manufacturing Marketing Matters

And now, a brief interlude to discuss marketing. I have helped a few companies (actually way too few) focus their marketing efforts over the years. Through a mutual friend, Rebecca Geier, I met Bruce McDuffee, Director of the Manufacturing Marketing Institute. He recorded an interview with me about marketing for manufacturing. It’s a podcast where […]

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Technology And The New World of Work

Tim Sowell’s thinking over the past few months has resonated with me. He’s looking at the blend of technology and humans that will build the plant of the future. Some years ago when I was laying out the initial editorial stance of Automation World, I was attacked by Lean practitioners (consultants). They said there was […]

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Hitachi Joins IoT Platform Market

Everybody wants into the IoT act. Hitachi announced that it is “accelerating [its] already sizable IoT business.” The company did $5B in IoT-related revenue in 2015 and has 33 solutions in market in areas including public safety and smart city, renewable and sustainable energy, intelligent transportation, precision agriculture and manufacturing, water treatment and building systems, […]

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Internet of Things

Operations Technology Takes Lead Over Information Technology in IoT

Information Technology departments are playing second fiddle to Operations Technology as enterprises tune up for the Internet of Things (IoT).” Browsing through my news sources, I discovered this provocative lede. It was something that begged for a deeper dive. Especially given the continuing conversations about the IT/OT divide. Then there is the question about the […]

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