Manufacturing Software Conference Registration now open

Sign up now. See you in Raleigh May 19-20 at deployCamp. Registration is now open. I described the early thoughts about this new kind of manufacturing software conference last month. It is sounding really cool. This year, they’ll emphasize Schneider Electric Wonderware’s System Platform development. In future years, the organizers plan to expand the discussions.

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Manufacturer Adoption of Internet of Things

Are you sick of hearing about the Internet of Things, yet? I hope not. That’s the big topic in industrial/manufacturing circles these days, and I doubt that it fades soon. I think there is a paradox going down here, though. In many respects we already have connected plants. Automation has been so well accepted, that […]

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2014 Industrial Manufacturing Merger and Acquisition Activity Was Up

This m&a activity was reflected in my own practice. There was much activity in divestiture on some company’s parts which means acquisition for other companies. It was an active year. Following is a report from PwC US. Interesting reading throughout–as much about workforce issues as companies restructuring. Following a strong fourth quarter, the industrial manufacturing […]

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Mashup Your Industrial Software Applications

OK, I can take a hint. Maybe. I keep looking at the latest manufacturing strategies—Industry 4.0 and Smart Manufacturing—and asking all of you for your thoughts. The silence screams louder than a pundit trying to stir up “stuff.” Interesting things are happening at a quieter level under the covers of the grand strategies. I’d call […]

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Security Platform for Industrial Internet of Secure Things

There remains some unfinished business from the ARC Forum held last week in Orlando. Security as a key component of the Industrial Internet of Things was a recurring theme. Mentor Graphics held a press conference to highlight advances in embedded computing. Later, I met with Alan Grau, CEO of Icon Labs, to talk about security. […]

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Industrial Risk Management And Common Sense

I am a conservationist. What that means is that I have a lifestyle of conserving and preserving. Especially nature. It doesn’t mean that I’m political. Or even anti-development. On the other hand, I have ceased being political. Whether I’m “liberal” or “conservative” (as if anyone really knows what all falls under those labels!) bores me. […]

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Significant Increases to Asset Management Portfolio At Bentley

Asset management, analytics, modeling, safety—some of the significant trends highlighted at last week’s ARC Industry in Transition Forum in Orlando—all popped up at the Bentley Systems press conference session. Highlights were acquisition of C3global and its Amulet Operational Analytics, acquisition of Acute3D and its reality modeling solution, and added process safety and risk management capabilities. […]

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