Plan, Manage, Maintain Industrial Wireless Networks

Wireless sensor network pioneer, Emerson Process Management, also recognizes the need for customers to manage the growing proliferation of wireless networks within a facility. It has introduced the Smart Wireless Navigator, a new software platform that enables users with large wireless deployments to maximize the power of their wireless networks. The Navigator brings together Smart […]

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Shipments of Connected Wearables To Reach 168 Million in 2019

Just like there is a difference between industrial and consumer Internet of Things, there is a difference between connected wearable devices for industrial and consumer use. Honeywell Process has shown the media examples of various geo-location wearable devices for several years to assist responders during an incident. Personnel have been wearing a variety of communication […]

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Manufacturing Output Up in the US

News from the US Federal Reserve. Manufacturing remains a positive for the US economy. Report Industrial production increased 1.3 percent in November after edging up in October; output is now reported to have risen at a faster pace over the period from June through October than previously published. In November, manufacturing output increased 1.1 percent, […]

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ABB and Hitachi To Form Strategic Power Grid Partnership

For the past several years, ABB has made sure that I remember my early electrical engineering teaching—the relative merits of direct current / alternating current, for example. It has been a leading proponent of advanced high voltage DC (HVDC) power systems considering it the superior transmission technology. In this vein, ABB and Hitachi announced Dec. […]

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Operations Management Systems Evolution

OK, the title of this post is also the title of Schneider Electric Software Vice President Tim Sowell’s blog. I follow his blog closely. He offers deep thinking about operations management applications and the drivers, requirements and needs that affect their development. In his latest post, he’s reflecting on both year-end planning and the evolution […]

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New Entrant In Industrial Control Systems—A Secure One

I have seen several industrial control systems entrants into the North American market. All thought they’d knock off market-leader Rockwell Automation. Several are still around. They have build nice businesses. They have not displaced Rockwell as the dominant PLC in the market. But…Is there a vulnerability? I recently heard from Bob Honor. I’ve known him […]

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Happiness–Jim Pinto Blog

Jim Pinto turned from writing about automation and business to economics. And, frankly, his thoughts have been rather dark and pessimistic. It is easy to look at income distribution and see that the rich get richer. Heck, William Jennings Bryan made a career of running for US President (and losing 4 times) complaining about that […]

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