Construct a Website That Builds Business-Automation Integrators Lag

Authentia has published a comprehensive study of the control system integrator industry’s digital marketing performance. You can find additional information on the author’s blog. Many industrial/manufacturing industries lag behind in their adoption of modern digital marketing practices, largely due to target demographics that have been slow to embrace social media and mobile computing. This has […]

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Lure of Lifestyle or Managing Simply

One thing about living most of my life in the same small city, I have seen many people grow from stage to stage in life. I remember when a bunch of guys were in their 30s and 40s. They were posturing for importance. Living an upscale and hard-driving lifestyle. Now they are 60s and 70s. […]

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Manufacturing Software Future Is Loosely Coupled in Layers

Tim Sowell, VP and Fellow at Schneider Electric Software, always writes thoughtful and forward-looking blogs about the state of manufacturing software.  In this one, he discusses taking a lead from the human body “with reducing risk through an enterprise nervous system for industrial architectures.” He says, “If we think about it – the human nervous […]

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Industrial Cyber Security Research Lab Opened

Honeywell Process Solutions (HPS) recently held a press conference to announce it has opened the Honeywell Industrial Cyber Security Lab to advance its development and testing of new technologies and software to defend industrial facilities and operations such as refineries and manufacturing plants from cyber attacks. According to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s Industrial […]

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Catching Up With ABB Automation and Power World

I was not able to attend ABB’s Automation and Power World this year. Too many places to go at the same time. However, someone I trust, Mehul Shah of LNS Research, was there and wrote his observations on the LNS blog. Mehul focuses on software and linked it to the Internet of Things. “The conference […]

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Open Source OPC UA Development

There are many new and cool open source projects going on right now. These are good opportunities for those of you who program to get involved. Or…you could take a hint and turn your passion into an open source project. I’ve written three articles since November on the subject: • Open Source Tools Development • […]

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History of Space Technology

This is one of the most fascinating discussions I’ve heard on a podcast. The discussion of early space technology brought back many memories of my early electronics education. I subscribe to O’Reilly Radar podcasts on iTunes. The company has begun a new series, Solid, based on its Solid conference. Here is the description of the […]

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