Control Systems Integrators Set Meeting

  Control system integrators and industry suppliers from around the globe will gather in Washington, D.C., U.S., April 29 – May 2 for the CSIA 2015 Executive Conference. This is a conference I’ve never been able to work into my schedule, but reports from many people testify that this is a worthwhile conference. I know […]

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Linux 64-Bit Embedded Control

National Instruments (NI)announced a collaboration with CERN, an intergovernmental research organization building the world’s largest and most advanced scientific instruments. The objective is to push the standardization of all CERN control systems to Linux 64-bit OSs, with goals to boost system performance, design cost-effective distributed embedded control systems and enlarge opportunities for small and medium […]

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New Kind of Manufacturing Conference On The Horizon

deployCamp reminds me of the exciting early days of Silicon Valley when developers would gather to exchange ideas and meet new people. Many ideas and companies sprang from that fertile soil. Company-sponsored user conferences are good–for those who use that company’s products. What we need in this industry is a venue for engineers to rekindle […]

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What Is Smart Manufacturing and Why We Care

[Updated: 1/28/15] Last week I attended the board meeting of the Smart Manufacturing Leadership Coalition. Sometimes I’m an idealist working with organizations that I think have the potential to make things better for engineers, managers, and manufacturers in general. I derive no income from them, but sometimes you need to give back to the cause. […]

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Company Re-formed To Exploit Internet of Things Technology

Many companies are trying to figure out how to extend their product lines or at least their marketing message in order to jump into the Internet of Things parade. Some have asked me to research and consult on that subject. The research raised many questions about where the best opportunity lies for some of these […]

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Industrial Robotics Innovation and Farewell to Security Pioneers

I interrupt this blog to say good-bye and best wishes to industrial control systems security pioneers Eric and Joann Byres. They have been through a couple of iterations of entrepreneurship and had recently sold Tofino to Belden. They are leaving that company, taking some time off, and then looking for their next adventure. I appreciate […]

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Manufacturing Software in the Cloud Supports Innovation

I no more had outlined the post generated from Tim Sowell’s latest blog post, when an invitation arrived to talk to the General Manager of Scott Fetzer Electrical Group (SFEG) and the CEO of ERP manufacturing software supplier Kenandy about an application based on the platform which is so easily configurable that even the […]

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Systems Integration and Configurable Manufacturing Software

Tim Sowell, Schneider Electric Fellow and Vice President, is always thinking two or three steps ahead of the rest of us. His weekly blog is on my must-read list. This week he tackles the future role of systems integrators—assuming that manufacturing software becomes much more configurable out of the box (therefore requiring much less custom […]

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Celebrate Diversity

The village I grew up in was 100% Caucasian. As was every village in the county. Well, there was one black family in one of the villages. When I announced sympathy for the civil rights movement at somewhere around 1967, I took a bunch of grief. I’m not sure when it dawned on me that […]

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