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Emerson Automation Strives To Enable Top Quartile Performance For Customers

Emerson Automation’s PlantWeb architecture has grown and morphed into a full blown Industrial Internet of Things platform. The redesigned and reinvigorated integrated architecture forms the foundation of Emerson’s new Operational Certainty initiative. This is the first of a few reports on the latest Emerson Automation news. Steve Sonnenberg, recently elevated into the role of Chairman […]

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NI Partners With IBM and SparkCognition For Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

Figuring out how to assemble the pieces of the Industrial Internet of Things, the Industrial Internet Consortium promotes testbeds where collaborating companies can work out proof of concept. National Instruments, SparkCognition, and IBM are collaborating on the Condition Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance Testbed. The goal of the collaboration is to deliver interoperability among operational technology […]

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Digital Transformation Theme of Dell EMC World

The conference was all about digital transformation. Company leaders must begin thinking about digitally transforming their companies or they face disruption from digital startups. This was Dell EMC World—the first user conference after the major acquisition of EMC by Dell forming Dell Technologies. Touting the size and breadth of the combined companies, Michael Dell began […]

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Wonderware Announces Industrial Software Advances

Wonderware made several industrial software announcements at its event in Orlando the beginning of October. I decided not to go, since I was already committed to so many trips in September and October and November. Good thing—I missed the rendezvous with Matthew the Hurricane. Prometheus Touted as the major introduction of the show, Wonderware by […]

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Festo Manufacturing and Distribution in the US

The Festo International Press Conference has taken me on manufacturing and technology tours to Germany and Hungary in the past. This year’s event was a short drive down Interstate 75 to Cincinnati, Ohio. Here a large international press contingent toured its new $70 M state-of-the-art distribution and manufacturing center. The facility features a highly automated […]

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Coding Guidelines For Qualitative and Standardized PLC Programming

Can we bring more discipline to PLC programming in industrial control? Discussion swirls at every gathering of automation professionals about the new generation of engineers entering (we hope) the industry. One thing for sure, the new generation begins with a much deeper computer science background than any before. Will they want to continue to code […]

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Better Entry Into Industrial Software With Scalable MES

Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) exists to help manufacturers manage the execution layer of a manufacturing enterprise. MES unfortunately can be quite complex. Moving a company from spreadsheet-driven execution to a specifically written application can take years of effort by a team of engineers. Understandably that makes companies, especially medium sized ones, leery of even contemplating […]

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National Manufacturing Day Twitter Chat with PwC and Manufacturing Institute

Last Friday, October 7, was National Manufacturing Day. Pointing toward that recognition, I participated in a Twitter Chat with PwC (Bob McCutcheon) and The Manufacturing Institute (Jennifer McNelly). I have participated on several of these. It’s pretty interesting. You can search #MFGTalent on Twitter and see the thread. That same week, Moira Gunn interviewed Dan […]

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ABB Strategy: Next stage of unlocking value

ABB signaled a shift in corporate business strategy three years ago with the appointment of Ulrich Spiesshofer as CEO replacing a suddenly departed Joe Hogan. This is far-reaching and bold movement. Spiesshofer wasted little time jettisoning divisions attempting to bring some focus to the industrial conglomerate. While there have been some acquisitions, the strategy has […]

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