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The Demise of Layer 3-The Manufacturing Execution Layer of the Purdue Model

A friend of mine wrote an editorial recently where he predicted the imminent demise of Layer 3– manufacturing execution –of the Purdue Model of manufacturing technology. He hides behind a paywall these days, so I don’t think I can link. Funny thing is, he’s always been focused on the lower layers of technology. For him […]

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Business Startup Accelerator for Internet of Things

Following yesterday’s news about support for start-ups doing crowd funding, today we have news of an accelerator for start-ups in the Internet of Things space. Only a couple are specifically industrial, but there are interesting ideas. These technology accelerators were big in Silicon Valley, of course, but then there’s Beta Works in New York City. […]

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ABB Stabilizes Its Financial Ship — Industrial Automation

ABB has had a rugged financial period, but its latest financial results indicate a righting of the ship. I’m not a financial analyst; I didn’t sleep at a Holiday Inn Express; but, I’m interested in corporate strategies and performance especially among industrial technology suppliers. What follows is mostly from the company press release. However read […]

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Time Sensitive Networking Alliance Adds Members

Time Sensitive Networking (TSN) becomes a critical component of companies’ Internet of Things technology strategy. In the past year, I’ve written about TSN and (mostly) AVnu Alliance, four times. Engineering Software and Industrial Networking Trends ODVA Enhances EtherNet/IP Industrial Networking Specifications OPC Foundation Real-Time And Technology Partners AVnu Alliance Launches Support for Industrial Ethernet Market […]

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World Economic Forum Discovers Manufacturing Strategy

Industry 4.0 and Industrial Internet of Things describe manufacturing strategy as much as technology. But as I occasionally write here and write daily on my spiritual practices blog, there is a people side to all this technology and strategy. Technologists (most people reading this site) tend to talk technology. Then they get carried away and […]

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Digital Portal For Engineering Collaboration

Engineering collaboration tools. Old, yet new? Most of the news and trends I’m seeing center around increased use of the cloud. We have seen tools coming for several years. Now there seems to be a critical mass where engineers and managers can find increasingly powerful collaboration tools for a variety of functions. This report just […]

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