Automation And Power Suppliers On Different Paths

I wrote quick releases from both ABB and Schneider Electric yesterday. Then I started thinking more about the situation. My analysis was that one factor among many for Schneider’s acquisition of Invensys was along the lines of European competitive situation. Siemens is huge in many technology areas in Europe. ABB has become a strong player […]

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Manufacturing Theory Evolves

The movement in the United States calls it “Smart Manufacturing.” In Germany, you hear “Industrie 4.0” and sometimes “Smart Industry.” Others refer to “cyberphysical systems.” Also involved in this witch’s brew of ideas is the Internet of Things—also known as Industrial Internet of Things. The question that matters goes like this, “Is this all just […]

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Manufacturing Connection Updates for mid-August

Unsubscribe I sometimes do some consulting on digital marketing and have noticed something about the “unsubscribe” feature in distributed email news. Companies provide a number of ways to unsubscribe from newsletters. Some are easy to find. You click, it takes you to a Website, it says “unsubscribed.” Others hide the unsubscribe link through one of […]

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Automation Or Jobs — A Non Sequitur

Why always “Automation OR Jobs?” Never “both…and.” Or, is there really a correlation? The PewResearch Internet Project has recently released a report of a “research” project regarding people’s opinions about whether automation is a job-creating or job-depleting phenomenon. The reason I use the quote marks around research is that it is not the type of […]

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