More Robots Do Not Equal Manufacturing Job Losses

The Association for Advancing Automation (A3) today published a white paper entitled “Robots Fuel the Next Wave of U.S. Productivity and Job Growth” in which data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and a wide range of manufacturing firms document how and why increasing the use of robots is associated with increased employment. Key statistics […]

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Leadership Training–Just BS?

On my other blog, I write about leadership regularly on Fridays. I saw an article that came through an email newsletter that spurred some thinking. See if you relate to this. You got shipped off to some type of leadership training. Maybe it was for work. Maybe for church. Maybe for another type of organization. […]

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HMI SCADA At the High End

I’m still pondering the whole HMI/SCADA market and technologies. I’m still getting a few updates after the Inductive Automation conference I attended in California and the Wonderware conference in Dallas that I missed. The two have traditionally been referred to in trade publications together. Today, I think three or four things are blending. Things are […]

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Wonderware Industrial Software Conference

While I was attending the Inductive Automation conference this week, two other conferences were in session. Carl Henning commented briefly about the Profibus/Profinet meeting. Hopefully more later. I didn’t hear about the Wonderware industrial software conference until the first of August, and that information was sketchy at best. Received an invitation in mid-month. Too late […]

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Present and Future of SCADA

Last month I wrote an article about whether SCADA is the future industrial technology given its enabling of the Industrial Internet of Things. Then I wrote a piece that I hoped would stir up some controversy over SCADA suppliers and business models. Didn’t get much response, though. This week I had an opportunity to discuss […]

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Automation Company Acquisitions

Acquisitions are always interesting news. They always signify something about the industry. Sometimes it’s consolidation in a mature industry. Sometimes it’s larger companies growing, adding technology, or adding talent. In today’s news, there is some of each.Remember when the robot and vision markets were thriving—especially the small SCARA robots? Those days are long over. The […]

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Robots, Automation, and Jobs

People keep grabbing headlines, and probably clicks, with scare stories projecting the end of life as we know it because the robots (and automation) are coming to take away all the jobs. I have written on this topic a few times: Manufacturing jobs on Labor Day Automation Jobs Non-Sequitur Promote Fair Competition Automation v Jobs […]

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Sustainable Leadership

There is leadership for a brief season. Then there is sustainable leadership. Take a look at Bill Hybels at Willow Creek Community Church or Andy Stanley at Northpoint Community Church for example. Forget theology for the moment. These guys have staying power as leaders. I’d suggest checking out Stanley’s Leadership podcasts. There is one a […]

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Personal Productivity Tips

Summer vacation is over and it’s “Back To Work” time. What does that mean for most of us? Rushing from task to meeting to email to meeting to task? Do we try “multi-tasking” only to get lost in missing details and focus? Do we try concentrating on two or three things at a time? I’m […]

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