GE Implements Latest OPC-UA Standard–Device Discovery

GE announced it is the first to implement and release a new Global Discovery Server based on the new Part 12 of the OPC UA standards. I’m taking its word for being first, although I cannot find anyone else promoting it. This is a useful standard that should further expand use of OPC in industrial […]

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OpenStack Network and IoT

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about an open source hardware project for networked small controllers. Filament Tap began life as Pinoccio. The makers discovered a latent demand for these small, networked devices among manufacturers and decided to pivot away from the intended “maker” market to the industrial market. Given networking as a core […]

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Marketing and Product Development Essentials

One more note from my visit with Fluke last week. The first day of meetings was devoted to a conversation/focus group with a number of customers, partners and “bloggers” (me). Voice of Customer We were introduced to the product development process for its latest vibration-sensing tool. Their process is iterative—discovering problems customers have, watching how […]

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Metrology, Technology, And Predictive Maintenance

Fluke invited a group of partners, customers, and bloggers to its Everett, WA corporate facility on May 6 in order to take a deep technology dive into where Fluke is and where it is going from a product/technology point of view. The tone of the gathering was one of conversation where Fluke presented ideas and […]

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IoT Ready Automation Controller and Process Performance

There were two other announcements at the Schneider Electric Global Automation Conference last week. One ties to the Industrial Internet of Things and the other to helping process control systems work better, longer. PAC for IoT First is a high-end Modicon M580 Ethernet programmable automation controller (ePAC). It features hot standby functionality (HSBY), native Ethernet, […]

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Industrial Revolution Displayed at Hannover Messe 2015

In the rush of a lot of news and a vacation thrown in, I’m still digesting news from Hannover Messe in April. Microsoft had called and asked if I could stop by for an interview, but unfortunately I was not at Hannover. Below is a Microsoft blog post. The writer posits three industrial ages, and […]

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OPC Foundation Real-Time And Technology Partners

For being so quiet for so long, the OPC Foundation is certainly hitting the news often lately. There was news about a couple of open-source initiatives. Then the Foundation itself opened up a little with an “open-shared” program. Then it was announced as the communication platform of Industry 4.0 in Germany. Now a couple European […]

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People, Connections, Technology—Schneider Automation Conference

Day 2, or my first full day in Dallas at the 2015 Schneider Electric Global Automation conference, was packed with sessions, meetings, and dinner. Keynotes at a user conference are always a mixed bag. Usually there is a well-known author or leader to give a motivational message. Usually the CEO gives a state-of-the-company address. And […]

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Schneider Electric Automation Conference and Tricon Release

First afternoon and evening done at the Schneider Electric Global Automation Conference. When the Schneider Electric acquisition of Invensys was announce about 18 months ago, I predicted that the companies of Invensys would thrive under stable organization and financing—something that Invensys never had. Well, it was either that, or Schneider would tear things apart and […]

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