Real-Time Synchronization of Product Data

This is a story about data interoperability and integration. This is a much-needed step in the industry. I just wish that it were more standards-driven and therefore more widespread. But we’ll take every step forward we can get. Arena Solutions, developer of cloud-based product lifecycle management (PLM) applications, announced that its flagship product, Arena PLM, […]

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Cisco Survey-Manufacturing Largest Cloud Service Adopter

Cisco just released the findings of a global study that indicates cloud is moving into a second wave of adoption, with companies no longer focusing just on efficiency and reduced costs, but rather looking to cloud as a platform to fuel innovation, growth and disruption. The study finds that 53 percent of companies expect cloud […]

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SCADA or Automation?

What is going on in the area of automation? When I helped start an automation magazine some 12 years ago, the talk was about moving the discussion from control to automation. Engineers were busy automating processes, machines, systems, lines. A few years ago the conversation seemed to start moving again toward information and networking. This […]

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Economic Sentiment among Manufacturers Softens

Today’s news stream brought to my iPad an item about disappointing results from an auction for Gulf of Mexico oil leases. The oil industry is in the doldrums with $50 per barrel oil. That affects technology companies who supply to the industry. We’ve seen that result in stock prices of those companies. While considering that […]

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Use of Internet of Things Enhances Preventive Maintenance

The various parts of the Industrial Internet of Things ecosystem—smart devices, networks, databases, cloud, mobile HMI—really so help manufacturing and production operations, maintenance, and engineering perform better. Fluke has made strategic acquisitions over the past several years that enhances its technology portfolio. It has brought together many of these technologies to make the IIoT useful. […]

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History of the PLC

AutomationDirect’s blog often discusses new products the company is introducing. These are many as the company has transitioned from PLC Direct with a catalog sales model dating from the mid-90s selling Koyo PLCs rejected by Siemens when it had acquired that division of Texas Instruments to the present super-distributor model. Recently they posted an article […]

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Study Finds Manufacturing Industry Ready for Internet of Things

97 percent of survey respondents in the manufacturing industry believe IoT is the most significant technology initiative of the decade. OK, that is the kind of statistic that grabs the attention of someone who writes extensively about the Industrial Internet of Things. But the statistic also seems counter to other surveys I have seen where […]

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Cloud Service For Internet of Things Ecosystem

The Internet of Things can best be thought of as an ecosystem of interrelated parts. There are smart devices on the edge packed with connectivity, memory, processing power, and sensing ability. Networks connect the devices with each other and with controllers, servers, PCs, and mobile devices. Databases store the data in such a way as […]

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IBM Delivers Engineering Software for ‘Internet of Things’

During NI Week last week in Austin, Texas, IBM representatives discussed some news with me about a new engineering software tool the company has released – called Product Line Engineering (PLE) — designed to help manufacturers deal with the complexity of building smart, connected devices. Users of Internet of Things (IoT) products worldwide have geographic-specific […]

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