Manufacturing Connection Updates for mid-August

Unsubscribe I sometimes do some consulting on digital marketing and have noticed something about the “unsubscribe” feature in distributed email news. Companies provide a number of ways to unsubscribe from newsletters. Some are easy to find. You click, it takes you to a Website, it says “unsubscribed.” Others hide the unsubscribe link through one of […]

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Automation Or Jobs — A Non Sequitur

Why always “Automation OR Jobs?” Never “both…and.” Or, is there really a correlation? The PewResearch Internet Project has recently released a report of a “research” project regarding people’s opinions about whether automation is a job-creating or job-depleting phenomenon. The reason I use the quote marks around research is that it is not the type of […]

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Sensors and Notifications in Automation

The Gillmor Gang discussed sensors and notifications in smartphones in its latest conversation. If you’re not familiar with the Gillmor Gang, it’s a long-running podcast/videocast conversation about the technology industry principally around, but not limited to, Silicon Valley. The “Gang” is a fluid group of entrepreneurs, pundits, reporters. Steve Gillmor was an editor at InfoWorld […]

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Education and Engineering Future at NI Week

The third day keynote session at NI Week always features the achievements of students, academics and futurist thinkers. Eric Starkloff, National Instruments’ executive Vice President of Global Sales and Marketing, introduced the session by reminding us of the “Engineering Grand Challenges:” health, sustainability, security, and joy of living. “How do we inspire and train future […]

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Internet of Things Center Stage at NI Week

A large gathering, hinted at around 6,000, crowded the ballrooms to hear the first two days of keynotes. This is always an eclectic gathering of engineers and scientists and academics from a variety of industries, specialties, and interests. Contrary to the emphasis of many trade journal pieces you read about age and gender of engineers, […]

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Energy Management and Smart Manufacturing

Following is a blog post from the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE), an organization that acts as a catalyst to advance energy efficiency policies, programs, technologies, investments, and behaviors. This post and the recommended report were forwarded by the Smart Manufacturing Leadership Coalition—an organization with which I participate and support. This points out […]

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Industrial Networks Organizations Merger Proceeding

Even organizations are not immune from the consolidation bug. It had been previously announced that, given a couple of transitions and the similarity of membership and technology, industrial networks organizations the Fieldbus Foundation and the HART Communication Foundation would investigate merger. Here is the latest news. An unstated reason is significant along with emphasizing a […]

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Industrial Internet of Things Advances With Partnership Agreement

A client recently discussed the impacts of the Internet of Things on its business. I mentioned that if you look at the entire system, you have to consider both all the inputs from the huge variety of sensors and the data collection, analysis, and presentation that make sense of the whole thing. Add that idea […]

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