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Schneider Electric Expands Industrial Software Presence

OK, so I was wrong. Well, I was right and wrong. My analysis of the Schneider acquisition of Invensys (Foxboro, Wonderware, et. al.) centered on European competition. Namely that as Schneider assembled a large industrial technology powerhouse it was looking at Siemens and ABB—its next-door rivals. Schneider was already a competitor in the electrical power […]

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ODVA Process Industry Initiative for EtherNet/IP

I have business related to an angel investment and too much other travel to attend this week’s Honeywell User Group in San Antonio and Siemens Summit in Las Vegas. Trying to get to both events was both expensive and too exhausting to attempt. I had one friend, at least, who was going to both. More […]

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Manufacturing Industry Consolidation

What Does It Mean When An Industry Consolidates? For companies in the control and automation space, as well as manufacturing in general, acquisitions power growth. Rockwell Automation became a factor in process automation through a number of strategic acquisitions. Siemens fulfills its digital manufacturing vision through acquisitions. ABB, until recently, pursued a growth by acquisition […]

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IoT Ready Automation Controller and Process Performance

There were two other announcements at the Schneider Electric Global Automation Conference last week. One ties to the Industrial Internet of Things and the other to helping process control systems work better, longer. PAC for IoT First is a high-end Modicon M580 Ethernet programmable automation controller (ePAC). It features hot standby functionality (HSBY), native Ethernet, […]

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Schneider Electric Automation Conference and Tricon Release

First afternoon and evening done at the Schneider Electric Global Automation Conference. When the Schneider Electric acquisition of Invensys was announce about 18 months ago, I predicted that the companies of Invensys would thrive under stable organization and financing—something that Invensys never had. Well, it was either that, or Schneider would tear things apart and […]

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Industrial Cyber Security Research Lab Opened

Honeywell Process Solutions (HPS) recently held a press conference to announce it has opened the Honeywell Industrial Cyber Security Lab to advance its development and testing of new technologies and software to defend industrial facilities and operations such as refineries and manufacturing plants from cyber attacks. According to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s Industrial […]

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Catching Up With ABB Automation and Power World

I was not able to attend ABB’s Automation and Power World this year. Too many places to go at the same time. However, someone I trust, Mehul Shah of LNS Research, was there and wrote his observations on the LNS blog. Mehul focuses on software and linked it to the Internet of Things. “The conference […]

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2015 Automation, Business, Manufacturing Prognostications

Let the debates begin! Jim Pinto has published his 2015 prognostications in the latest JimPintoBlog. Check out his entire list and enter your thoughts on his blog. I’ll highlight some of his thoughts and add some of my own.   Automation Industry Trends New inflection points will change the leadership lineup. GM—I do not expect […]

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ABB joins Industrial Internet Consortium

This announcement came to me yesterday afternoon. ABB is joining the Industrial Internet Consortium. This announcement is interesting in a couple of ways. First, it reminds us that ABB is a large company that plays in the discrete (factory automation) space, as well as, power and process automation. Second, it is the first I’ve seen […]

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Rockwell Automation Updates Distributed Control System

Rockwell Automation now unabashedly calls its process control a Distributed Control System (DCS). For the first few years of its development of a true process control organization and product line, executives seemed reluctant to say “DCS.” No more. Every senior executive has taken a deep dive into process. In fact, Rockwell is downplaying the name […]

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